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Mixing other herbs with bowl of green?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by muthafukusernames, May 18, 2015.

  1. #1 muthafukusernames, May 18, 2015
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    Hey. I was thinking about mixing in some orange peel shavings or like jasmine or something to a bowl...
    Would this be healthy (enough) or taste good? Can you think of other herbs that might complement a bowl of bud well?
    Thanks in advance, dont do meth

  2. what?[​IMG]
    just stick to weed
    better yet, limit yourself to oxygen, it's that gas[​IMG]
  3. if you can smoke marijuana (a plant) i am SURE there are other plants you can smoke. so while I appreciate the input, i still hope someone else will answer this
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    That logic won't get you far. 
    You can smoke any plant. 
    Tobacco for example. 
    Doesn't mean you should. 

    Like what possible benefits would come from smoking lavender besides a horrible taste in your mouth and just harsh regret. 
    If you're looking to get high, just stick with THC. 
    Sorry to burst your bubble. 
  5. #5 TheAnswer121, May 18, 2015
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    that was logic[​IMG][​IMG] you give him too much credit[​IMG]
  6. #6 muthafukusernames, May 18, 2015
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    to declare marijuana is the only plant that should be smoked is much faultier logic, but ok. Nevermind guys ill stick my pot[​IMG]
    oh and its not to get higher, i was wondering if any other plant might taste ok. more likely that another one does taste ok than bud being the ONLY plant that tastes good
  7. you do that [​IMG]
  8. You want as little smoke to pass through your body as possible. Additives would do much more harm than good.
  9. R orange peel shavings considered herb? Orange peels like from an orange?

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    No. Perhaps I should have specified that i meant any sort of additive.

    Let me change the question. Has anyone tried something like this before? 
  11. I put tobacco in my bowl once. It kinda ruined my high I think.

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  12. #12 muthafukusernames, May 18, 2015
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    ok so i was still curious about this despite most posters saying that bud is the only thing you should smoke and basically just mocking the idea.  so as i did research, i came across the fact that A LOT of other things are smoked commonly. 

  13. #13 Nugagerube, May 18, 2015
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    they're all elitest. ' oh pot is the only thing I smoke. Smoking anything else isn't classy. Its uncivilized and barbarous'

    Haha. Ppl on that other gc thread were talking shit to op too. Elitists man. They're everywhere

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  14. I have heard of others vaporizing teas like Earl Grey and stuff like that. I don't know though and I am happy with just my herb.

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  15. Smoke em with some mint leaves in the mix.

    SeNt FrOm My•🌟☆GaL@x¥ $5☆🌟•
  16. #16 walnut69, May 18, 2015
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    Ugh don't listen to the somehow close-minded strictly cannabis nazis.
    Herbs aren't discriminative. Nothing was 'made' to be smoked or drank in a tea. You can smoke any plant, herb or spice but of course not all of them have effects in every or any method of consumption. It's the same with hot/cold beverages.
    Most if not all teas and herbal teas can be smoked to have similar effects, and a lot of them retain some of their health benefits - and it works vice-versa; throw a teaspoon (2-3g) of bud in a teapot and you'd have a cannabis herbal tea too, same as if you threw some black tea in a joint (yes you get caffeine and other effects if you smoke tea). The Native Americans rarely had just tobacco in their pipes, they used a variety of things that all came together to make a complementing new feeling all on its own.
    Anything I've smoked as opposed to drank has had a more apparent, headier feeling that lasts less time than oral consumption (wait, whats that nazis? the same difference happens between cannabis tisanes/edibles and smoking? wow!). And no, it's not placebo, there are a variety of studies proving these vary facts and I'm not really one to psych myself up like that, especially not multiple times.
    Now for recommendations, I haven't dabbled as much as a true herb enthusiast, but if you want to add some flavour and calmness try Roobios - it has a wonderful fruity flavour when smoked and of course a nice calming feeling a bit like tobacco. It's even a common herb used by those trying to quit smoking.
    Another one is Nettle Leaf, which just so happens to be a close relative to the cannabis plant - and as it goes, it's actually quite cannabis-like in its effect. It doesn't quite compare but it's got that familiar warmness, makes my eyes red and has a nice headiness. A bit like an indica just not as overwhelming. 
    Yerba Mate's effects are like nettle leaf but it's mostly body.
    Finally, though you may not have heard of it, I'd try out Kava-Kava/kava root. It's commonly drank, and is even made in the same way most cannabis tisanes are (bound with fat and needs a good amount). Smoking it not only conserves it by a large amount, but gives you a much more pronounced, social and relaxing high with complete mental clarity and some even say focus. I prefer smoking it over drinking.
    Mixing nettle & kava or nettle/kava/yerba mate is a beautiful concoction worth trying
    happy hunting! [​IMG]
  17. Ummm yeahhhhh lol.

    I smoked a tea bag when I was like 11 and thought any herb was weed lol.

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  18. Please dont look at Canada negatively because of OP our weed isn't SO bad that we need to smoke compost. Just need the right connections.
  19. #19 muthafukusernames, May 18, 2015
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    I'm American anyway. But i would still rep that jersey in the avatar when i play
  20. i noticed 

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