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  1. Dear grasscity growers,
    When mixing up a new batch of nutrients, are you supposed to check and adjust the pH after each addition of the recipe. For example, do I add GH FloraMicro, then adjust the pH, then add GH FloraGro, then check and adjust the pH, then add FloraBloom, then check and adjust the pH and so on? Or do I just add each one to the water, one after another, stirring well, and then check and adjust the pH, once, when I'm done mixing? Thanks.
  2. At the end. Common sense would tell me adjusting after each one would just be a waste of ph up/down
  3. at the end... also, make sure you really mix well... some nutrients when mixed too quickly can create a chemical reaction... not all of them do this, but its always best to hedge your bet

    good luck
  4. I mix the nutes until I get to desired ppm, then adjust pH. Too much adjusting will result in excess useless sulfates, nitrates, phosphates (all salts) in your soup screwing up your ppm. Especially true if you are adjusting with both pH up and down in the same bucket.

    I only use GH micro and bloom and I know this about it, the micro will drop the pH over time. I adjust the pH to a a few points over and let it drop on its own.
  5. Thanks for the help. I used to just check at the end, when I was done, but for the last two reservoir changes, I checked and adjusted after each addition. It's time for another reservoir change out for me today and I am very glad to receive the help from all of you! Thanks again.

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