Mixing multiple nutrients at a time?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bay925, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Is adding more than one nutrient safe or is it not recommended? Would it be safer to just use one at a time? like one use one nute than another day use the second kind? What do you guys thing? I just basically want to know if most people just measure all their nutes and add it in their watering bucket/reservoir.

    Thanks for your time and response for whom helps :)
  2. As long as you keep the ppm at the right level and give the proper levels of minerals, it doesn't matter what brand you use. Sometimes its better to mix them. There are even additives and such to use alongside other nutes. I started off my res in flowering with Big Bud and top it off with dyna-bloom when it wanes. As long as you keep up with it properly, brand name doesn't matter
  3. Well after 3 years of grows this has to be the weirdest question iv asked. Are nutrients considered fertilizers?
  4. I would have to say definitely. They fertilize the plant, so yes they would be. Technically, a hydroponic grow is one done without soil, which is the fertilizer, so in lieu of the soil, nutrient laden water would be considered fertilizer
  5. soil is not fert in fact most soil grows use soil with no fert in it they add fert thru water just like hydro growers
  6. Sure you can. If you are doing hydro it may be better to follow the manufacturers directions. In soil, I will give my plants a 2 to 3 part tea/chem fert at the onset of flowering. I use chicken manure and molases for the tea, and a 1/8th strength mix of 12-55-06. I've never burned a plant yet, plus I get the benefit of the organic and the immediate boost of P for flowering. Not truely organic, but no one complains about the taste!!

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