Mixing meds? Clonodine & Opiates

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by wctom2112, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. I've been taking some Clonodine and Tramadol to help me with the withdrawals from Oxy. But now I'm not so sure I want to quit just yet. BAsically, it's because the w/d's haven't been bad at all so far. I've only had to take Librium twice at night and today, I've only taken 1 Tramadol (around 11:30am) and one Clonodine (around 4:30pm).

    If I decide to have a little fun tonight, does anyone know if it's a huge "no-no" to take some Oxy or Norcos about 5 hours after taking the clonidine? I figure the Tramadol will be completely out of my system by the time I do anything (if I decide to do anything), but I'm a little concerned about the clonodine as it's really a blood pressue med and lowers your BP quite a bit (so I've heard).

    I'm just thinking I save the rest of these meds and quit again at a later time maybe.

    Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Why don't just just smoke weed and/or get drunk to 'have a little fun tonight'?

    Do you have to pop pills to have a good time?
  3. Yes...pills is all my stupid mind will let me fuck with. I"m almost 3 years away from a drink and weed has never been fun for me. So yeah...if I'm gonna do anything, it's gonna be pills. I don't want to start drinking again and don't have any desire to do any other drugs (coke, x, weed, etc.)
  4. Congrats on your recent alcohol abstinence but the Oxy withdrawals are only going to get worse the more you take it. Get out now or your in for a struggle.

    Sorry i couldnt offer help ive just seen people close to me become irresponsible and dependent on meds and I don't see the purpose at all, I tihnk weed is mind-altering enough but everybody has their own opinions and boundaries. Good luck and be safe
  5. how about you stick to weed so we can see u tomorrow K??
  6. i always hate when people say "stick to weed"

    maybe weed doesnt give us drug addicts the kick it does to potheads, we're addicted to somethin else for a reason, and that reason is the high is better

    its not a hard idea to understand

    and the reason ur withdrawls havent been bad is cuz your takin shit for it dude, haha "maybe i'll quit later"...... wow, if that doesnt scream addict i dont know what does

    n i aint doggin u man, i know exactly what you mean, u cant quit until your really ready to, and even then its hard as fuck to quit
  7. Don't get it twisted...I know I'm an addict to pretty much everything that changes the way I feel. Whether it be sex, booze, drugs, working out, succeeding in my business...whatever. I'll always want more, more, more, more, more and some more.

    I'm well aware that i"m addicted...it's just the "when to quit" thing that I'm obsessing about. Granted, I ended up not doing anything last night (including any of the meds the doc gave me). I feel fine...I only took a few of the pills the doc gave me and I think I'm pretty much through the withdrawals (granted, my use was only for about 4 months, with daily use being only the last two months of that).

    Can't say if I'll be good tonight, who the fuck knows. I feel fine today, my "hook-up" is ready and waiting for my call, but I haven't made the call yet and at this minute, don't plan to.

    Thanks for the feedback...and you're right about weed. For some, it's the perfect "fix"...but for others, it's not. For me, right now, the perfect fix would be whiffing a line of Oxy off the inner thigh of little hottie :p


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