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  1. I was curious to see what people like to mix with their smoking sessions for added effect.

    I only know of two, and one of them is so obvious that it's barely worth mentioning.

    Coffee, or any caffeine delivery device (What is this mix called? I remember there was a name for it.)

    Post your favorite mixtures!
  2. You forgot a big one: Tobacco.

    Long live the spliff!

    Also, when it comes around, I like adding opium to a bowl. :smoke:
  3. Yeah o think the two big ones are alcohol and tobacco. But I know that slot of people smoke when they take shroooooms. I how I did.
  4. Eh, not really a tobacco person. :)
  5. Me neiter, but I know alot of people that smoke when they are high. But I don't min the occasional black when I am high. They taste an smell sooooo goooood
  6. Coffee and bud = a happy mellowdramatic
  7. My girlfriend wants to start her own coffee shop so I drink coffee almost as often as I smoke. I also smoke cigs.... but thats all the time.
  8. load a bowl with some regs and some K2(or other herbal substance at headshop)
    mix.hit bong.enjoy yourself.

    or if useing a hookah with weed and shisha(the coals method)
    mix abit of milk with your water(just enough to make it milky.
    thick clouds and great taste with a awsome high:)

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