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Mixing Magic while stoned...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GanjaGoblin, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Dudes!!!!!

    I just wanna tell you how awesome it is to mix electronic music while stoned!!!! If you ever wanna have a real groovy trip you gotta rip....LOL!!! i'm a word mixer too!!! HAHAHAHAHHAAHA...the mystery plant....the ha-ha factory.....the world of gloobilicious freaks and ghouls....damn i gotta quit smokin' so much weed...but i just can't cuz i come from the seed....

    these were your weekly stoned blabberings of Ganjagoblin....i await your replies...jejeje....

    by the way...brancaccio & aisher rock hard bass!
  2. I'm listenin to In Flames, with these really good headphones. They have alot of bass, kix ass. And slipknot, and hatebreed, and killswitch engaged, and soulfly, and Down The Sun, Demond Hunter, Marz, Mudvayne... Man too many.. Theyre good stoner music.
  3. death metal \m/

    fuck rapcore numetal.
  4. While stoned, I mess around with breakbeats and guitar stuff.
    I write some really crazy shit.

    I like to mess around with stereo equipment too. I like to mess with the EQ and surround settings. All the minute changes you can make is amazing. Especially with records.
  5. what kind of tables/mixer do you use?
  6. Hey dude...

    I use Gemini SA-600 tables and a Gemini PS-540i Mixer. They are great, but nothing matches a pair of Technics 1200's....i used them a couple of weeks ago and they rolled!

  7. i have 2 - tech 12's and a stanton craze edition mixer... i love em.... They're old but still out preform half of the "newer" tables i've used.....built to last.....and well worth any dollar amount attached to them.

    Edit/ there's a pic of them in the art forum under a art threadi made.

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