Mixing light spectrums..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Crackhead, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Hey guys i have 4 cfl 23 watt 2700k and 4 85 watt 6500k.. what do you guys think about using both sets of them for veg and both sets for flowering also? Please let me know..

  2. Why not a High Pressure Sodium for flowering?
  3. Im currently broke and working with what i have and thats all i can get..
  4. No worries bro...
    Not sure what the outcome will be... Interested to know, so keep us posted.
    Good luck with your grow...
  5. Plants benefit from both spectrum throughout there lives
  6. okay i will keep you updated..
  7. For 2 plants that should go nice. About 100 actual watts a plant.

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  8. Mixed spectrums seem to produce positive results; compared to a running just one kind of light.
  9. Mixed spectrum is great. Keep in mind that with CFLs your area of intense light exposure is relatively small, so you won't be giving the plants an all-over blend of multiple spectra but rather a patchwork of one spectrum here, another spectrum there. Rotate the plants, or the lights, every day or two so that each area of the plants gets exposed to the different spectra.

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