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Discussion in 'General' started by Nima420, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I've been blazing like a ton every day. I just blaze joints (I prefer blunts but don't always have them as they are hard to get here) every couple hours. Kinda getting bored with it a bit since I'm always craving to smoke for longer or just get destroyeddd and my tolerance is up a bit so if I don't have a fatty to myself it's not the greatest. Besides taking a break to detox and getting more high when I'm back, or eating edibles (too lazy atm and others use this kitchen who aren't cool with chronic)... can anyone think of a way I could just get rippedddddddd with my last few gs? No bong on me was thinking of just loading up like 5 gravity bowls or something once in a while its cool.
  2. vape.

  3. Ever try edibles I'm eating a 1/4th on Thursday. Going to make shit loads of firecrackers.
  4. fool proof method to get SUPER RIPPEDDDDDD.

    get a bunch of sticks, logs an anything that burns and make a huge pile in your back yard. light that shit on fire and when its nice and cooking throw your weed in. (you dont even have to take it out of the baggie) get prepared to get SUPER HIGH!

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