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Mixing hydrocodone & Xanax

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JerSeYKuSH856, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Should I bump both of these or would that be a bad combination?
  2. It can be very dangerous. I remember doing it one night, then drinking one single beer, and it was the most fucked up I've ever been.
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    if you mean snort then slap yourself and never do that shit again. but yea benzos make opiate highs intensely stronger. probably one of the better narcotic buzzes that the realms of drugs offers haha. but beware its incredibly dangerous as they are both cns depressants , which means it will depress your breathing to the point you asphyxiate. alchohol as well. but hydrocodone is pretty weak so its not that bad. when mixin drugs that have deppressant effects like that, I always start out at 2mg of xanax and half the dose of what i normally take for that opiate and work your way up from there. good way to not die and stay throwed :devious:
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll just do my hydrocodone tonight and my Xanax tomoroe. But why shouldn't I snort them?
  5. they work better Sublingual or orally you waste some if you blow it
  6. ^ yea. most pills are a waste to blow. the high you get from it is mostly when the drip is absorbed by your stomach. so basically putting a bunch of shit into your sinuses for no reason
  7. Don't bother snorting the Xanax. Chewing it up, or crushing it and putting it in a piece of toilet paper and swallowing it will actually make it hit you harder than snorting it, and yes it is true that you waiste some of it if you snort it.

    Good job on being smart enough to ask before downing the dangerous combination.. many many people have accidently overdosed this way.

    Be careful, and if you have other questions theres always blades here with answers and experience willing to help :smoke:
  8. i sipped lean yesterday after taking a few klonopin, drank a beer a few hours after sipping and i was completely fine. i felt fucking amazing actually.
  9. Yeah I do mix benzo and opioids quite a bit. Took 30mgs of oxy yesterday, 700mgs of soma, and about 3mgs of klonopin. I should mention that I always space it out during the day. I have a good tolerance to both so I don't recommend doing it; but I will say that the labeling it as a "death combo" is not always correct.
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    I mixed 20mg of hydrocodone with 80mg of valium and I think I came really close to having some serious health problems that night.
    Just enjoy the PKs one night and the benzos the next.

    Just chew them. Xanax kicks in really fast anyway so theres really no reason to snort them. And you're fucked up longer if you just eat them.

    Most Hydros have fillers and other bad stuff in there that you really shouldnt put in your nose. (best way to take hydros imo is to do a cold water extraction. Crush the pill up and put it in a glass of COLD water and stir it. All the bad stuff will stick to the bottom. pour the water through a coffee filter and drink it. Only the hydrocodone will be in the water still)
  11. It's all an experimentation/tolerance/experience type of deal. Like last night I took 6 Klonopins (1mg) 35 mg of Hydro and 30 MG Kadian Morphine (Shit pretty much) and toked on a few bowls. I pretty much felt like I was on a cloud and was nodding in and out for an hour or so
  12. I don't like to take alot of pharms (benzos or opiates..), i'll take them on occasion.. but once you start mixing them imo you're asking for trouble. It's a dangerous combo, keep the doses low if you do mix them and be aware at the high number of people that have died mixing benzos and opiates

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