mixing hydrocodone and xanax

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by aaaaa8, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Okay ive done this combination a few times and i was wondering what would be the best wway to get the most out of them

    Today i took 29mg hydro at about 6 and then another 30mg at 10 and 2mg xanax at about 10:30, I didnt get as fucked up as i thought i would It allmost seamed like they almost negated eah other or some shit

    but i know they're supposed to potentiate each other.

    I have 30mg hydrocodone left and 2mg xanax so what would be the best way to take them? Should i snort or pop the xanax waitt until i start feeling it and then pop the hydro? Or take the hydro then wait until i start feeling it then pop the xanax?

    Or should i just down them all at once?
  2. xanax is fast acting so i would save it til i was feelin the hydro then bam sniff it.
  3. Bro I did the same shit today. Popped 30mg hydros and 2mg xannax. Waited about 45mins..wasn't feelin the hydros so I took another 20. I shoulda been able to feel 50mg...but I felt the xanax the most. Hydros give me atleast a body numbing but not this time

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