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mixing herbs with marijuana

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BongBeforeBeer, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. today I bought a bag of dried purple lotus flower. I bought it in a shop we have in Aus called "Happy High Herbs", just a bunch of legal herbs no weed itself. Anyway I said how I was looking to mix something OTHER than tobacco with weed (I hate smoking cigs. smoke natural stuff fools!) and she showed me the lotus, says it creates a more euphoric sensation when stoned, and gets you very relaxed.

    I can say it works :smoke: I'm going to stick to the herb weed mix now. Save my weed, and with something that will enhance the high. Oh and it was $13 for 100g so you get a fat sack :)
  2. You can mix a whole bunch of things with weed... for flavor, i suggest green tea.

    For a boost in the high, i suggest skull cap or passion flower or damiana... (make sure they are extracts)
  3. Never even tried it.
  4. Never heard of it, never thought about it, haven't tried it.

    I'll keep my weed solo.
  5. I've mixed green tea with my weed, but it sort of made me feel sick it tasted like shiiitttt.
    I've also used cannabis substitutes and "dream enhancer" smoking herbs, and i guess they would be better for you as spin than tobacco, but when i smoked these herbs by themselves they really didn't have any effect on me. other than making me lightheaded/headachey from smoke inhalation
  6. I rolled me one. I'm really loving it I have to say. I feel so connected with the earth and all that.
  7. What stores can I find these 'happy highs'? haha

    Shit, I wouldnt mind growing them.:smoke:
  8. You can order legal highs/buds on the internet.
  9. Any harmful effects from these other herbs? Like, cancer, mainly.

    I wouldn't mind some decent tasting filler herb, for rolling blunts or joints. I just honestly don't trust smoking anything else but MJ.
  10. it's the flower of a leaf, not a whole bunch of flavored mixer. just as safe as weed as I've been told.
  11. mint is awesome mixed with weed too. Makes it very refreshing and tasty. Even better vaped. yummm.

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