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Mixing herbs and weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by str8outtajersey, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. So im just finishing up my trip in Israel and everyone here smokes spliffs. The tobacco makes me very light headed and causes me to get very hot and sweaty but i enjoy the idea of getting a buzz multiple times throughout the day. After years of smoking my favorite way to get high is through a joint but they make me too high when i have to face one alone. Which herbs are best to 1) disguise scent and 2) taste good

  2. I tried smoking weed with mint leaves when I had a sore throat once. Was okay but wouldn't make a habit of it, gets a bit sickly y'see.
    I usually smoke spliffs as I'm a tobacco smoker anyway, but when I was quitting once upon a time, I got this bag full of random herbs and other plant matter that you're meant to smoke but it doesn't smoke very well. And it tastes like cabbage... I think there was cabbage in it.
  3. ive heard that you can smoke different types of teas so ill try that
  4. I've smoked with mint leaves mixed in. I think it made it taste better and it's supposed to give you calming effects, although I haven't noticed that much of a difference :)
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  5. Cigarettes made of clove or ginseng arent too bad to smoke. If I had to add something to my weed I believe I would go with one of those. They are also both very fragrant so it may help the smell a little.
  6. You're right! There are not too much difference.

  7. if you do smoke tobacco, look for your preferred brand. When I was just rolling spliff I would get headaches but I wasn't much of a tobacco smoker at the time.


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