Mixing gatorade with vodka / alternative mixes

Discussion in 'General' started by goodolddays, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. I heard mixing vodka with gatorade was a bad thing to do because it s mixing a dehydrant with a rehydrant so it did something... I don't know what it means but its an urban legend. What are some good mixes to try?
  2. Red gatorade and vodka was my freshman year drink of choice.

    for once.
  4. Quite a few years back my Dad and I were mixing screwdrivers we ran out of og and started using Country time Peach lenonade. It was pretty tasty. :):smoke:
  5. Vodka is disgusting, I dont drink that shit under any circumstances!
  6. redbull. way better
  7. mix vodka with orange juice its pretty good :) or just shot it and chase it with coke or lemonade or anything

  8. Redbull and alcohol is so bad for you dude... as a medic I can actually say I've seen 2 people die from drinking that mixture.... stay away from energy drinks and alcohol for real guys
  9. for real? shit man. im bout to do that tomorrow night. maybe u just saved my life. :rolleyes:

  10. why is it so bad? I heard caffeine and alcohol dont mix well, but besides that what would make it bad?
  11. It gives you stupid ideas and the energy to act them out.

    Healthwise I dont think its good for the heart.

    Also the gatorade mix sounds good. You should stay hydrated
  12. They both take a toll on your body. Combined and the effect is amplified.

    The stimulant effects of the energy drink and the alcohol being a depressant pulls your cns in two different ways.

    Ever heard of a speedball? It's basically the same thing in terms of stim vs depressant. It doesn't equal death but it is for sure worse for you then either drug done separately.
  13. you really think so. I doubt it, because doing an speedy drug like coke or amphetamines is different than the sugar in Gatorade. But hey, I'm asking for experience.
  14. Hes talking about energy drinks and alcohol
  15. Fuck... Now I can't drink redbull and Jaeger... :( That shit is golden.
  16. Monster and jager.

    Thats the shit.

    If you get the large one with a cap, you can take it anywhere
  17. Hell yes it is... gotta love jaeger
  18. But I thought jager and redbull was good for me!
  19. Jager + blue monster + splash of root beer and we have ourselves a winner

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