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Mixing edibles and smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by TimToke, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Hi guys, I'm planning on getting really high this friday(4/20). To anyone with any experience with smoking and using edibles in the same session, does smoking extend or intensify the edible high, or both?

    When would be the best time to smoke? Before the edible kicks in, when the edible kicks in or when the edible high peaks?

    Just to clarify, I have done both and do know the proper dosage I need for the edible to get to a certain point of high.
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  2. The best time to smoke is before eating edible, while eating edible, waiting for edible to hit, after edible high kicks in, and throughout the rest of the day. Lol. Enjoy! Seriously, I just like to smoke with edibles.
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  3. I smoke, then eat an edible, then smoke again. Then later I might smoke again. After that on a good day I won't think about smoking again for hours. Unless it's somebody else's idea. Then after dinner I eat a sleepytime edible, and smoke while I'm waiting for it to kick in.
    Sucks when I get lazy and run out of edibles. Gotta go out and smoke every hour.
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  4. I normally take a capsule and forget about it but sometimes I down an oil capsule and hit the rig for a fast onset high that lasts for hours. I usually take a booster capsule about 4 hours after the first capsule to keep things fresh.
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    I take an edible then smoke while I wait for it to kick in and as edible is wearing off I smoke again. I never smoke while peaking on an edible because the euphoria is to much for my mind to handle. But everyone’s different
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  6. Hey!
    @Cactus Ed..Do you have to sit in a booster chair to down a booster Capsule..? ROFLMAO!!
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  7. Good grief
  8. Thanks for the responses guys!

    I can only conclude from your comments to smoke as much as possible lol
    Dunno though, considering my tolerance is pretty low, think I won't get sick?

    Quick second question! Amnesia or White Widow(for the toking)?
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  9. Use the booster seat and seatbelt! Seriously, take it easy. Smoking won't put you over the line, but too much of an edible will. White Widow. Enjoy!
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  10. Zucc would approve, thanks :)
  11. Smoke all ya want. Take it easy on the edibles.
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