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mixing different types of weed...top favorites

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by redleb, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. hey everyone...

    everyone has been telling me about their favorite weed...super silver haze....mk ultra....NY diesel....the list goes on...

    well i like cocktail when i drink...so i figured when i smoke why not mix different kinds...

    so do you have any favorite mind twisting mixes....???

    peace to all
  2. Hey man, welcome to GC.

    One time I smoked a bowl of some Blueberry mixed with some Bubblegum... What a great mix that was.. You could taste the thickness of the blueberry while the sweetness of the bubblegum was swirling all around your mouth.. Absolutely delicious..
  3. mixed a random outdoor headies and bubblegum together in a strawberry blunt wrap. THE best tasting blunt i have ever smoked. I used to be a dutch/game fan, but im sorta outta that and i find wraps to be alot easier to deal with and taste better imo.
  4. I like mixing a good sativa strain with an indica one whenever I can in a salad bowl, last time I did that it was purple urkle mixed with jack herer.
  5. it's nice....

    if you want to enjoy a nice taste with a stable buzz....mix any haze...with some hash...

    only put about a third of hash for the amount of Haze. Roll up...and enjoy

    Why am i so High ?
  6. we mixed up some GDP with some Sugar Kush the other night, and smoked 2 small bowls in Wal-Mart parking lot, and i was so high that i got lost on a 1 way street :confused:
  7. mixed some dank Strawberry cough with some super skunk
    it was the shit
    you can mix all diff types of her and it will be great
  8. what up
    dude me and my best buddy and his dad all smoke hella tough and we all save up the best bud out of every bag we buy and save it for christmas,420,birthdays,hempfest, and shit, i mean we break into the hidden stash every now and then but y'know how it is.
    right now i'm sitton on like 14 different strains in my stash, got 3 or 4 kinds of purp and som kush, g13 some trainwreck, i'll be hittin up the super vapezilla all christmas

    christmas is gonna be sweet
  9. i cop MANY smaller sacks (nothing more than an eighth of one strain) for this
    very same purpose.

    generally, i like to contrast my flavors as it makes both stand out. They dont always merry well together, but imo that's my idea of flavor; nothing tastes bad, just different.

    that being said, trainwreck's general pinesol-y flavor is GREAT with a rotton fruit/baby shit weed such as AK-47. It isnt so great with Garlicy-savory strains imo, those should be used with berry/candy type flavors (allen wrench is garlicy..anyone know other garlicy/savory strains?)

    dont even get me going about hash
  10. i would love to have a stash like yours...where you keep on saving all kinds of weed....

    but i got a problem....i usually finish all my weed or hash no exemptions....

    Santa should bring me some weed.....added to wishlist.

    Today i tried smoking some skunk with a strong stoner (similar to white widow)

    well it was pretty good.....maybe i shoulda mixed haze with it instead of the skunk

    smoke one joint a day keeps ur mind into perspective
  11. I don't usually mix weed per se, but I collect the kief from the different strains I grow and make hash from a mixture of different kief types. I like trying different blends.
  12. Around me we call those salad bowls. I enjoyed a nice salad bowl with a few friends that had NY sour d, euphoria, cali mist, and grand daddy purp in it...it was like my first time smoking again
  13. try this

    Sour d + Kush + Haze + BubbleGum = TrubleSum
  14. My dealer had Sour diesel and some bangin kush. I bought the kush and myu friend bought the diesel, we grinded em together and packed a megabowl...best tasting combo ever. and we got retarted high, I filled up a bandana in his bathroom ith powder and smacked him in the face with it lmao...kinda dick tho
  15. Anyone ever try mixing Cinderella 99 with equal parts sour kush
  16. My fave is some dank weed mixed with some dank weed topped with some dank kief
  17. Enemy of the state, White kush & Buddha Cheese tasted sooooo sweet. 
  18. Green Crack, Amnesia Haze, a potent indica and anything with a bit of lemon in it.
  19. I mixed Girl Scout Cookies with AK-47 about a month ago. Interesting results.

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