Mixing Coco Coir and Soil??

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    Aight...anyone have any logic behind why this might be done?

    I grow in coco..but it seems, quite a few people I know are mixing coco coir and soil..it ironically...usually,seems to be after they see my coco pics...lol

    Or perhaps, cuz coco would be cheaper than a good soil like fox farm they just us it for filler?

    Do they know something I don't? One of the biggest selling points I had with coco was the significantly reduced chance of pest's..

    What do you ph a coco/soil mix?


  2. I wouldnt mix, unless, as you had mentioned, you need a filler.

    I use Coco/Perlite mix and feed a CSN17 diet with other supplements and biologic beneficials with my pH between 6.2 - 6.5.

    However, some people have a system that they believe in, and at the end of the day, its whatever works for you with your experience.
  3. Can coco/perlite mix be reused for a second grow after the roots are removed. I would also remix and churn the coco up to let it get loose and fluffy again.
    Any comments?

  4. I'm growing in coco/perlite 50/50 using Tiger Bloom and H&G cocos AB. I just innoculated my soil using GH subculture M, so very similar medium to yours(coco/sythetic nutrients/beneficials)

    I however feed my plants at 5.8pH and I'm just curious as to why you feed at soil levels when your using coco?
  5. i dont see why it is not possible to mix coco with soil if these are the only thing available.
    i will add coco to my soil to give a little more breathing space for my roots.

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