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Mixing cigerette and weed in a pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MobBarley, May 30, 2009.

  1. I usually do this when im low on weed or left with shake. Just rip a ciggerette put in the tobacco first and weed on top. Anyone else do this?
  2. Prognosis Negative.
  3. ew man cigs make me wanna barf for like 3 hours after i smoke no, but i have done it before in a joint when i just started, it totally ruined the high....:(
  4. Nah, but I love spliffs so much.
  5. i don't see the problem mixing cigs in with the bud, i always do and i like it
    but i guess thats cos i smoke cigarettes anyway..
  6. I love the taste of newports, its mentholy and gives you that cold throat feeling.
  7. Eh, I wouldn't put tobacco in my bowl. But I have smoked plenty of joints rolled with tobacco, but it was rolling tobacco, not tobacco from a cigarette.
  8. eww. just put a little nug in the bottom and pack a small one hitter. no need to ruin it with tobacco, let alone cigarette nastiness.
  9. Negatory. Spliffs only.
  10. You should get a grinder; then sprinkle your collected kief on what little bit of nug you have left. Or if you vaporize, you can save your duff and smoke it on top of a little weed as well - or cook with it :hello:

    ... but that way it can be all ganja - unless you just like smoking with tobacco.
  11. if you do it in a pipe or bong its called a popper they fuck u right up. u put some tobacco in the bowl then put the weed on top. this works better in a bong but iv done it in a pipe. personally i like weed other then a popper.but you could try it:smoke:
  12. what ... the.... fuck... smoking cigg tabacco out of a pipe??!
  13. i like doing it when m low on cigs, i bowlpack it on top of the weed, i can take the smoke but i wouldnt reccomend it for newcomers, the smoke is harsh as shit from the cig
  14. Just get blasted and smoke the cig after, its good almost feels different when ur smokin a cig when ur high feels good lol
  15. don't use cig tobacco use rolling tobacco

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