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mixing bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SDVP, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. so i've heard that people mixing up different strains/stashes get them higher, is this true?

    i would think its because you can only take so much of a certain type of cannabinoid, and when you smoke two different types of buds you have more of a variety of cannabinoids in your system..

    what do you guys think?
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    depends, we call it beef and broccoli when we mix regs and good bud, if you mix two good buds its just the same, it gives a different taste but the high is not that much different at all. a beef and broccoli blunt is a waste of good bud, mixing two good buds may result in a better high from a sativa/indica mix, i never experienced this though
  3. its called a death bowl the more strains that you mix together the better its good if you want to sit on your ass and not do anything
  4. I think its better cause when i eat i dont just want two scoops of mashed potatoes, i want one of mashed potatoes and one of mac'n'cheese. If food works that why, why shouldnt bud? I smoke like i eat, cause its all the same hole man.
  5. usually this happens when two people have a little bud. have them throw down on a blunt and mix it up. that way everyone contributes and you can feel a little different. i think every weed gives a different high, so yeah, mixing would get you higher. maybe not higher, but higher on a different level.

  6. Actually, they're too different holes.. VERY different indeed. The esophagus and the trachea.. :rolleyes::smoking:
  7. i always prefer smoking different strains separately to enjoy all the different tastes and highs.

    occasionally wed mix bud, but for the most part if we would match itd be whole bowls/js/etc.

    my buddy would always save a nug or two from each pickup and create a "salad". over time when he would end up with a bunch of little nugs he roll them all up in one fat cone

  8. Ok, mr smart guy.

    I smoke and eat through my mouth. Maybe if you only smoke out of your nose... or your ear, but i try to only use that one orifice.

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