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Mixing brownies and smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jenova52, May 13, 2010.

  1. So, me and my buddies like to indulge ourselves when we smoke.(yes i know that jacks up ur tolerance) but i have never eaten brownies before. tomorow i plan to try hash brownies with some friends and i have a feeling we're gonna end up smoking as well, is this not a good idea? should i do it before or after the brownies take effect to decide? also, what should i expect the brownie to do to me? i only plan to eat one "really strong fire hash brownie" as my dealer put it, but then again, hes the dealer so hes gonna say that in any case lol. happy tokin'.
  2. It wouldn't be a terrible idea. I'd smoke first, then eat it. You won't "peak" on both at the same time.

    Really depends on how strong it is... and that's impossible to tell pretty much. If you're comfortable being super baked, go for it. If you're worried, wait till it kicks in.
  3. can't say i have ever had foods stuff mixed with hash oil but you should be okay smoking too

    worst thing that'll happen is a short term pain that'll prepare you for other experiences. keep a positive outlook on whatever comes.
  4. The last time I had brownies was 4/20. I had college classes all day so decided to eat two before my day began. Lets just say classes were very interesting. I would wait until after to smoke so you can experience the brownies full effects. As soon as I lit up I couldn't really notice the effects of the brownies anymore.

    The edibles will sneak up on you man, but just don't get impatient with them. Took about 45 minutes to hit me:smoke:
  5. Word edibles are a whole different experience. Eat it, let it ride, and smoke after if you like. It can take up to an hour before you feel like you are kinda high.

    After that you are like whoa I'm high. Then like 5 minutes later you'll be like whoa I'm higher than I felt a little bit ago. I kept climbing for at least 2 hours, and it was borderline too intense.

    So just let it be, do something fun while its happening cause it could be a 5 hour experience if not more.
  6. 2 weeks ago I ate 2 home made brownies and then waited for the effects to kick in (35-45 mins) and then smoked a bowl after that. :smoking:
    If you want to eat and smoke, make sure you have 4-6 hours where you don't need to do anything. I was watching netflix on my xbox and it was hard to stand up :smoke::smoke:

    Over all, it was a good experience, but like the poster above me said, it was a little too much at times. I've since limited myself to only 1 brownie if I'm gonna smoke too.

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