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Mixing bowls with green tea.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Joeottoman, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. I've been doing this for awhile now and I "high"ly suggest it. The green tea mixed with weed makes the weed burn much better too. You get about twice as many hits. I take about half the amount of weed that I normally pack a bowl and make the rest green tea. I feel like I get just as chopped and actually even higher than what I would get with a normal bowl of weed. It saves on weed so much. I just had one bowl mixed with green tea and I'm so high right now :hello:


  2. I have smoked green tea before, and it's not bad. The taste is ok, but it doesn't really do anything. Does anyone know the health affects of this? Because this might be a nice alternative to mixing tobacco in with joints
  3. I've been doing it for months now and I haven't noticed any negative side affects.
  4. I'm sure you'd get as high if you didn't put the green tea. But it's something I thought about.
  5. You can mix weed with most any safe herb. Vaporizer sites and other sites will tell you what is safe to smoke. They won't get you high though.

    One herb I LOVE is chamomile. It's usually used for tea, and tastes and smells great. I love joints but usually only have dank, and I don't want to waste it all on one joint, so I'll "dilute" it a bit with chamomile tea that I'll get from breaking open a teabag. I highly recommend it!
  6. You know...You'd save money and weed either way if you smoked half that weed WITHOUT spinning it. I don't see why people even say that it, "saves them weed"

    Just outright say it: you enjoy smoking tea leaves. I mean, I do lol.

    Common sense would say, if you want to smoke weed and not get that high, don't burn that much. I want to get buzzed, I take a few shots of vodka, not 10. You can't "dilute" weed, you're just smoking less.

    Understandably, yeah, I gotta agree, spin tea leaves for new experience. Additives aren't as harsh as tobacco n shit.

  7. instead of smoking a tiny joint if your trying to conserve you can smoke a full size one, for example.
  8. I have never tried it but I dont see the point. Why not just pack a half of a bowl and taste Marijuana, I would think the tea leaves would ruin the taste.
  9. But it is still the same amount of weed. If you smoke that tiny joint with straight weed and a larger j with weed and tea to fill it out, its still a little weed. Just because its burning doesn't mean its weed and gonna get you higher.
  10. The only possible thing that smoking green tea could do is lack of oxygen or caffeine. imo

  11. Yeah but I think the point is that it's much easier to roll a joint that has a good amount of herb in it rather than one with just a little weed in it. Basically filler, but that's fine. Some people just enjoy smoking a lot of people enjoy smoking, so if you want to have a longer smoke but not a ton of weed for whatever reason use a filler like tea, or tobacco or something.
  12. Wouldn't you experience threshold caffeine effects?
  13. When I first got my bong and my friend was at my house and we were waiting for some people we decided to just smoke a bowl of chamomile tea. Shit burned our throats bad. Gave a mild light headedness and maybe some relaxation. Mostly burneD our throats and the effects could probably be achieved by holding your breath.
  14. i remember in middle school these girls used to smoke green tea and we used to laugh at them, the only effects you get from smoking green tea are the same you'd get from drinking it.... mix it with tobacco
  15. I smoke earl grey tea, love the taste. Last night, I loaded maybe half a bowl of tea and some shake in my grinder and I was flying.
    I love doing it because it keeps my tolerance low and gives me the perfect relaxing high. :smoke:
  16. is the smoke harsh?
  17. I wont add anything to my weed. Simple as that.

    Nothing will be added to my smoking experience.
  18. Not at all, Green Tea hits very smooth.

    For anyone out there that doubts this all I have to say is try it for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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