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Mixing alcohol with MJ

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tam575-56ce094818393, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Whats up guys.
    So later in the week me and my freind are going to chill and get stoned and drunk. For me, i smoke weed every single day however, i do not drink that much. In fact i havent drunk since january when i had to go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning (actually being the first time i was drunk). Ever since that unpleasant experience, i tried to stay away from booze all together.

    However that is not why im here. I need some help from you seasoned tokers on how to properly mix the 2. Should i smoke before i drink? Or drink before i smoke. I would rather drink, and have a slight buzz going before i start smoking but my freind said that you should always smoke and then drink. I really do not not want to do it like that becase alcohol tends to taste alot stronger to me when im baked, probably which will stimulate a gag reflex for me and make me vomit. But that jus
    Also i want to know how the effects feel like. Is it pleasant or too overwhelming. Any advice would be appreciated thankz guys :)
  2. It takes a while to get used to mixing alcohol and weed imo. Drinking after getting lifted should be so bad, but if you smoking and drinking at the same time, take it slow on the alcohol. If you find the taste too stong, just drink spirits mixed with alot of coke so its fairly weak, and you cant taste to alcohol so much :)
  3. If I smoke before I drink I never wake up with a hangover. Just take it easy with the alcohol and know your limits. :bongin:
  4. I always drink first then smoke .if I get high before, I usually don't feel like drinking because im already high but the other way around is great.
  5. If you smoke up when you're really drunk, you'll get extremely fucked up. It's a very heavy boost on the drunkenness!
  6. As others have said, I would advise drinking before you smoke. I never have much of an urge to drink after I toke, this way I can also manage how crunk I get
  7. I love smoking after drinking but I rarely ever smoke before if I know I'm going to drink heavy
  8. Drinking and smoking go good together when you only have a few drinks and smoke a little bit of weed. They increase each others effects so doing too much of one will lead to puking or passing out.
  9. Don't drink at all, it sucks :smoke:
  10. [quote name='"Prototype"']Don't drink at all, it sucks :smoke:[/quote]

  11. Yeah, I actually mixed the two last night. Yesterday, I wake & baked around 9am, smoked another bowl at 1pm, another bowl at 4pm, and one at 7pm. Around 10pm (high was obviously gone), we started playing beer pong and after I played about 4 games, we decided to rip my friend's bong. I only took like 3 massive hits and drank a few more beers and then took one more hit off the bong. That was pretty much the end of my night. Stomach started getting shitty and I ended up throwing up twice, but after that, my stomach felt straight. By this time, it was around 2am, so I just decided to go to bed. Good luck, man.
  12. If you get high as fuck and drunk as fuck, I almost guarantee you will get the spins. Its not fun at all...
  13. Don't do it dude. You might have the best night of your life :p
  14. I smoke before drinking, I notice that I can drink a lot more when I do this.
  15. Drink first, be careful since you've ended up in the hostiptal from drinking. It might be overwhelming though depending on how well you handle mixing drugs it's a nice combo but not the best and can make you sick. I enjoy it though but I guess I've always enjoyed drinking there's no guarantee you'll like it.
  16. Smoking up while/after getting drunk fucks up most people. It's a huge boost on your drunkness. I always smoke up and drink together and I drink quite a lot so it works fine for me but most people who don't get high and drunk at the same time on a regular get suuuper fucked up.

    If you wake up with a hangover just make sure to wake n bake and your hangover will be gone in a matter of minutes. :smoke:
  17. Just don't.

    But if you do, only have a few drinks. Don't get stupid drunk, just get a nice buzz. Smoke and you will experience some great euphoria.

  18. Or the shortest :D
  19. Well this doesn't apply to the OP, but I first of all recommend that NOBODY who doesn't have at least decent weed tolerance try mixing (judge this by asking yourself "do I act relatively normal and socialize after smoking a joint by myself/to 2 people, or do I get weird anti-social intense highs?"). Because if you mix when you're already that type of high, you're either gonna puke or barely drink. And if you're already drunk and smoke to that point, you WILL puke.

    If you're a heavy smoker, just smoke first so you're where you wanna be then start drinking.

    I would NEVER start drinking first unless you're a regular drinker AND smoker, know your limits very well, and can tell how something is gonna hit you. I find nowadays no matter how drunk I am I can smoke as much as I want cause my highs are less intense and don't effect my vision as much.
  20. Just do it at the same time..sit down with a beer and bong at your side and have a nice night

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