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    i fuckin hate them

    i finally met a girl i like a lot recently, we have known eachother for a couple months and been flirting pretty much the whole time...for so long ive thought she liked me, like more than a friend, always sending out the signals, prolonged eye contact, laughing at my stupid jokes, looking for excuses to touch me and hang out with me etc etc

    im kinda a pussy about telling girls i really like how i feel about them, im just not the kinda person who ever really expresses their true emotions...so its taken me a while to tell her how i feel, even tho my body language has probly already told her

    last nite i was planning on telling her how i felt about her cuz we were going out to a bar with some people, but right when i picked her up, she was with some dude in her driveway smoking a cigarette who used to try to hook up with her, but she declined and this was like the first time they hung out in a year when she said no...so she was telling me about the 2 of them and their history, and was saying shit like "i hate how so many guys act like my friend, and then say they wanna be with me, then when i say no, they never wanna hang otu with me again" like she feels used and just like a piece of meat, like when she said that idk if she was saying that to me as well? cuz thats pretty much exactly my situation with her...like i feel like its pretty obvious that i like her (to her) so idk if she was telling me to kinda stop? like i like this girl as my friend, but i could never hang with her all the time when i have feelings like this for her ya know? ive always felt pretty confident about her liking me until last nite

    so after her saying all that shit, i felt like i shudnt have said anything last nite...me and her were doing some unmentionables u put up ur nose, so im just gonna act like i forgot she said that, i just feel like after her saying that, i shudnt have just gone and said that i like her more than a friend and fuck things up

    but idk, this chick is just confusing me so much...and shes always talking to random dudes, like idk if they are just friends or what, but she always decides to hang out with me for the night ya know? and this last week we have been hanging out a lot

    maybe im just overthinking things? ive never had GF, just cuz im so picky about women, so i just dont know what to think...this girl is fucking with my head so bad

    i cant even talk to my buddies about this cuz one friend used to try to hook up with her a couple years ago when i didnt know her, and he failed, so hes the kinda guy who tlaks mad shit about girls who wont fuck him, so he talks a lot of shit about her and basically brainwashed all m other friends into thinking shes a complete whore cuz thats how he labeled her...before i met her i thought the same thing, but then i started to know her well and shes def not that kinda girl

    i just dont fucking know what to think now
  2. I've been in your exact situation. Best friend of 3 years, hung out tons with her.
    1 week, some drama unfolded where I found out she hooked up with some guy. Which pissed me the fuck off cause I've been trying to get with her so long. My attitude changed and I kind of made it obvious that something was wrong. She found out, and I told her that I have to talk to her.

    Basically, I told her how I felt, about her and all, and her response was OH. So I departed, saying I never wanted to see her again, won't ever acknowledge her, etc etc. She broke down crying and thats the last I've ever said to her. She lives down my street too.

    Just be strong man. I don't really have advice.You have to voice your emotions sometimes rather then hold them in.

    I departed from my Best friend cause I wouldn't be able to deal with her having a guy around while I'm still friends with her. It'd hurt too much.

  3. some girls are so fucking clueless, like if a guy hangs out with a girl for 3 years, its pretty obvious he likes her

    ive only known this chick for a few months and been hanging out with her for even less

    i mean i DEF plan on telling her sometime soon bc honestly, i am dangerously close to being friend zoned...its just that after she said that, idk if she was just saying it, or if she was also telling me to back off a bit, but based off how she acts and her body language, id say she likes me...idk its just confusing

    shes like the exact kinda girl i wanna be with, just being friends with her isnt good enough for me
  4. Oookay that is confusing! I'd say just tell her asap, I mean if she does all those things you said she does, flirting, touching, etc, then she does probably likes you. She was probably just venting about her history with certain guys rather than telling you she just wants to be friends. But if it was me and I sent you all those "i like you" vibes I would mention that I liked you, just so you'd be sure. I've known girls that were just naturally flirty and only wanted flings and such. That could be her...maybe.

    Just tell her :)

  5. alright thanks for the advice

    im def gonna tell her soon, just idk when lol
  6. Don't hangout with her in a group when you tell her. Get some solo time

  7. yeah thats actually a huge reason i havent done it yet...im obviously not gonna say it in front of a bunch of people, and we have only had so much alone time with eachother...until like a week or 2 ago we really hadnt had any

    one of my best friends is really good friends with her since they were kids (completely platonic) and pretty much everytime her and I are together, its with our friend, and thats how we met eachother and hes usually always with us

    ill be smoking a blunt with her and a couple people in a couple hours, ill probly give her a ride home and i mite tell her tonite if im feeling it
  8. keep it thuggin'

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