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  1. hey guys. if I were to stop texting a girl for a couple days and ignore her a little, will this make her want me more?

    there's this girl giving me wicked mixed signals and I'm just so confused idk what to do but I really like her. would giving her some space and testing her to see if she cares by not talking work? I don't want her to get the idea that i don't like her though.

    I think I might just be overthinking everything. we have been talking since last week everyday through text and calling but I ALWAYS end the conversation. help me please blades and especially bladies!! thanks
  2. My fiance says yes, it will make her want you more.

    I say you're overthinking it. She probably likes you. Just chill
  3. i never understood this...

    if you like a girl, why would you stop talking to her for a while, effectively playing some dumb ass game. if you like her, continue talking to her and everything will work out.
  4. man, you can't get anywhere with these games.

    just be str8 up
  5. you are all fucking right. thank you. i asked my bud about this, my sister, and my mom all for help cause im new to relationships and they ALL said im overthinking this shit. ive been going online looking at all these websites on how to get a girl to yadda yadda on everything and its just not helping. i need to be myself and just straight up.

    i texted her earlier just being flirty and witty and at first i was sure she wasnt interested anymore but i havent given up on her so i just kept texting her like that and were talking like normal now.

    im just really afraid that im going to have her think im desperate and want to just totally delete me out of my life because it wouldnt be the first time a girl has done that to me...but ive tried to change so i wouldnt be like that. maybe the way ive changed though has just become arrogant and she thinks IM the one that wasnt interested anymore. idk i gotta stop all this bullshit. im definitely over fucking thinking all of this

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