Mixed Emotions After Breakup

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    Me and my fiance broke up after 2 years yesterday. She wanted to stay friends but that's like telling a kid he can keep his dog after its dead. I called her this morning to see how she was doing and she seemed happy as can be, and a little angry. I know its better to let her go, maybe she'll come back. I want to let her go but its hurts so much, and I know she's happier without me. I texted her saying that if she ever wanted to get back together my door would always be open and my phone would always be on, and that ill always love her. I thanked her for all the sweet memories and all the good times, and told her even if she decided she wants it to be over for good then ill still respect her and ill be happy and contempt just knowing she's happy and all the memories I have of us.

    But that doesn't stop it from hurting. All the pics of her I have and all the things that remind me of her, they hurt worse and worse every time. I even had to switch cigarettes because we smoked the same brand and it was upsetting to look at them. And I'm watching movies to distract myself and I keep seeing love scenes and it hurts me to watch, they also make me extremely angry and jealous. I've never been a jealous guy, but the thought of the love of my life with another man makes me want to yell as loud as I can and empty a clip into something.

    I don't know why I'm posting this, I just needed to vent, maybe someone has advice or something. I miss her so much. I'm a grown ass man and I feel like crying.
  2. posted in your last thread
  3. She gets off at 7, so if she doesn't text me back by 730 I'm just gonna give up and let her be

  4. Mags or Magazines would be the word your looking for. :smoke:
  5. Had a nightmare that she left me, and that she was happier without me and hasn't loved me for months, and that she's already dressing different and talking to other guys. Woke up and it was a reality. I never smoke inside, but I just started chain smoking and now I'm out of cigs. I don't have a dollar to my name and I can't buy more.

    I feel so hurt and angry and crushed. She left me to be single and party and fuck around with other guys. She probably never even gave two shits. I asked her about a letter she wrote me on christmas saying she would always love me. All I got was "that's just how I felt at the time"

    I just don't give two fucks. And she had the fucking nerve to call me and try to vent to me about family issues. She can go fuck herself, I'm done. I'm gonna find some stupid big titted blonde slut and be happy for the next few months while I get over her. I'm not exactly great at "spitting game" or whatever, hell I'm not sure how I got this one. But people tell me I'm sweet and I'm angry and hurt enough that I just don't really have any inhibitions and I think I can do it.
  6. Sometimes woman do these things to make you realise what you have. How was your relationship before the breakup? Were you giving her the attention you used to give her? If she was feeling alone and unloved it can force them to walk away. She may still love you and might be looking for you to man up and do everything you can to win her back.

    This is what I have found in the past. Of course I could be completely wrong. I don't know you or your relationship.

    If you love her and want to marry her then she is certainly worth fighting for. That fight could be what she's looking for.
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    love is pain man...hope you can get over this. im in similiar situation. ive seen some guys never be right again after serious break ups. its sad, but ya gotta move on and try an be happy. or you can live your life thinkin of what could have been. your call, its all on u
  8. OP she broke up with you because of how damn clingy you are.
  9. You just have to let time do the healing. Ofcourse at first it's the fucking worst but as time passes your heart will heal and you will love a beautiful nice girl who cares about you. If it was meant to be then it will happen. Let that shit take its course though

    Just keep busy, that always helps.

    Keep cool though, don't do anything out of anger you know? If anything let that shit out on the weights.
  10. Ouch. That's really rough man. I feel for ya.

    Stay busy bro.
  11. Tried talking to her about getting back together, she basically said its over and there's no chance of us being together again. So fuck it. Life just isn't worth living.
  12. Man up dude, women don't like weakness.
  13. And men don't like losing their fiances. Or children.
  14. life isnt worth living? thats a sad conclusion youve come to. you better check yourself before you....wait for it.....wreck yourself
  15. All I really have to look forward to is joining the air force and having beer money in my pocket to drink the pain away.
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    going to be real with you bro... you are sounding pathetic. get a grip and get your life back together, dont throw it away. eventually you will have to move on and put this all behind you or its going to destroy you, why not make it easier on yourself and start now rather than later after youve drunk your liver to death and become a cold heartless bastard?

    edit: invest all that negative energy into becoming someone amazing, make her rue the day that she threw you away.
  17. Its been like 2 days since we broke up, you can't really just expect me to jump up and forget it. I mean, it was fucking love.

    I'm keeping myself occupied but I don't have a penny to my name and I just don't know what to do now
  18. You've got to recognize this for what it is: a biological trick your body is playing on you to get you to commit to the most reliable mate so you have the best chance to perpetuate the human race. All humans are essentially the same thing at their core: a consciousness controlling a body. Get your shit together, go outside and run, lift heavy weights, build a fire from scratch, hand-forge a spear and go hunt a bear, do some MAN SHIT to release all that inner monkey rage and testosterone. I guarantee your mind will work a lot better afterwards and you'll be able to think much more rationally and clearer.
    Much love man, you'll get through this and be better than you were before, I guarantee it 100%. It just takes time for your body to chemically reset itself. You've programmed yourself to be dependent on this particular person for your biological needs. It will pass, and it will improve, and you will find a better female.
  19. Man shit?

    I could steal a fighter jet and a hooker and a couple grams of (let's just say keif), fly up to 4,000 feet, and do lines off the back of her head while blasting crazy death metal or some shit while she gives me an amazing blowjob and I do a nosedive towards earth. Or get shot down.

    That's man shit.

    But I'm not really in the mood for that, I just want my woman and my life back.
  20. yo wtf happened o_o

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