Mixed Drinks

Discussion in 'General' started by sky dog, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. What'll it be?

    Rum and coke for me. Timeless and delicious.


    Stopped in and had one on the way home from work today.
  2. rum is my choice alcohol
    so really anything with rum in it i enjoy
    (especially straight rum not in a mixed drink)
    but rum and coke is my favorite mixed also
  3. I'm an Indian...like my 'firewater'

    Jack Daniels on ice :cool:
  4. Straight Jager
  5. I'm also gonna say a rum and coke is my fav, but if I'm drinking with friends (which usually takes place in someone's basement; I'm 18) we're usually drinking Screwdrivers because it's something everyone can agree on.

    My mom knows how to make a few drinks, one that she makes that i LOOOVE is called "A Day On the Beach" (which is a combination of pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine, and coconut rum). It's kind of a girly drink but it's delicious either way.
  6. I had a drink called purple haze that I would have to deem my favorite, not that I've had too awful many.

  7. White Russian and Screwdriver....plus u just get a big bottle of vodka for both and BAM!:hello:
  8. jack and coke.
  9. mixed berry fruit juice
  10. white russian, or maybe jack and coke i'd say
  11. I like to mix my whisky with ice.
  12. Rum and coke, JD and coke, Screwdriver, Lemonade & Vodka.
  13. helll fucking yea, rum and coke is muy perfecto.
  14. Sipping straight Ketel One tonight.
  15. Jack and coke, but when I can find it, raspberry ameretto and hi-c lemonade. Tastly like a grape sucker. A gallon of that and a bowl and I'm perfect.
  16. Crown with a splash of coke.
  17. Ladies & Gentlemen I Present



    • 2 oz. Whiskey, straight grain
    • 5 oz. 7-up
    • 1 wedge Lemon
    Glass to Use

    [​IMG]Highball glass

    By the way: this drink goes great with a Kush blunt wrap
  18. Vodka/cran foreverrr

    and there is a drink called a pornstar which is delicious
  19. I like scotch thats old enough to buy its own scotch. Served with ice.

  20. this.

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