Mixed Dirty Urine with clean urine

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  1. So, I was offered a job based on being able to pass a drug test. I had a stash of clean urine so I wasn't too worried. I was more concerned with maintaining the correct temp than anything else. Fortunately the testing site was literally 5 minutes away from my home. I filled up a small shampoo travel bottle, heated it up to about 103 degrees tucked it and set out. I purposely set my appointment for 5pm on a Friday evening, one hour before they closed, to deter any over zealous tester. It took about 15 mins from the time I left out to the time I actually was allowed to go to the restroom to provide a sample. The temp for my test had to stay in the range between 90-100 degrees. I had to luxury of having spoken to a person who works at another testing site and she assured me that all I would need to supply is 45ml of urine. Well as luck would have it...this person asked me to supply 75mls! At this point I'm stuck. I have maybe 50 ml of clean urine on me of course the toilet water is blue and there was no other source of water. I pour the 50 mls into the testing cup and the temp held good at about 95 degrees. I had no point but to use my own dirty urine to fill the cup. To give a little backstory I had just smoked that morning and had a huge session the night before. I ended up supplying the 50 mls of clean urine and another 10 mls of my own dirty urine for a total of 60 mls. I shook the cup up and handed it to the tester. By it being so late on Friday I figure it would be at least Tuesday before I got the results. I figured I had a 50/50 chance at best. Needless to say I got the call today. I passed the test and was offered the job. Hope this helps someone else. I see a lot of post where people will ask what are the chances that they will pass but few ever follow up with the outcome.
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  2. Hm....what a randomly suspicious first post. I wouldn't trust using ANY dirty urine, but that's just me.
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  3. Not sure what's suspicious about it. I was merely sharing my experience. Take from it what you want. I definitely didn't set out to mix samples.
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  4. They would have run the test with the 50cc if you had told them that's all you could squeeze out, after all, it was closing time. But since you didn't know that and wasn't prepared for anything to go wrong I'd say you lucked out, and sometimes luck is more useful than brains.
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  5. You are exactly correct! They would have proceeded with what I had. And I agree totally I lucked out. My post was not to recommend mixing just sharing.
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  6. Damn, congrats you lucky dog. Recently I got turned down because my urine was at 91-92 degrees when I handed her the cup (poured at about 96). Test said 90-100... attendant said "it has to be at 98 degrees." She was a bitch, but I wasn't gonna argue.

    As much as I like to try to justify myself, I didn't really have much to back up on as I was in the wrong.... although what restaurant drug tests their employees... especially a bar.

    The girl that put in a good word for me was kinda pissed... to be fair I didn't know I'd get tested until they told me I got the job... was too far deep at that point.

    I guess on the bright side I'm making probably $30-$40 extra per shift the place I got hired at.
  7. The same thing just happened to me today.. I had a ua.. Didnt have enough clean so I used a few drops of my own and I mean a few.. I'll keep u guys informed.. But I'm freaking out.. Lol
  8. Depending on the test, you can have THC metabolites in your urine and still pass if it is under a certain threshold.

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  9. Thanks Jason.. Will keep you updated bro
  10. If I poured out dirty urine and wiped out the cup and put clean urine in it should I be worried about passing the test?? BTW it's not going to the lab to the test with the strip on the cup ! Plz if someone knows about this plz respond I'm super nervous !
  11. You'll be fine
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  12. Thanks for your response
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  13. I passed bro
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  14. Well - as far as helping someone else, I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone else to do the same...

    You got very very lucky, and I’m not sure how. You smoked all kinds of weed 24 hours before your test - I’m honestly not sure how you passed.
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    Went for my drug screening today. Used my girls brothers urine and a baby thermometer.

    Specimen temperature within range: Yes

    What do you all think? Think I passed?
  16. I think you are a worry wart but I appreciate you for not starting another thread for that question. My question is what is a baby thermostat? Can you control an baby's temperature with it or is it just a very small thermostat?
  17. Small $9.49 baby thermometer sorry
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  18. Did your girl ask her brother for some of his urine or is he really a baby and she squeezed the specimen out of his diaper?

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