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Discussion in 'General' started by BiG StroOnZ, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. *UPDATED*Download Link:http://rapidshare.de/files/19242497/Djay_SonnyVee_-_Ego_Trippin.zip.html

    Posted this on Shroomery, and got some awesome feedback. So I figured I'd post it here too. Anyway figured it be nice to hear some other drug reports (LSD, RC's, E, whatever)

    Anyway, I DJ a little usually club music; like trance, commercial, house etc. Making mixes; whether my own individual tracks from scratch, remixing older tracks, or just making really good playlists has always been fun for me.

    This time however, I did something different and made a mix catering entirely for tripping. So whenever your next trip is planned, please listen to this mix and leave me a nice report.

    Every track fades into the next, so it becomes somewhat of a story. I made it on a comedown of an awesome trip I had on Monday. We listened to all similar type of psychedelic rock, which inspired me to make this mix.

    So, give me some feedback, and trip reports on it. Thanx.

    Here's the tracklist:

    1.) Lexy & K-Paul - Love Me Baby (SonnyVee Progressive Remix)

    2.) The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

    3.) Jimmy Hendrix - 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)

    4.) Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

    5.) Cream - Sunshine of Your Love

    6.) The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever (Remix 26 Take 25)

    7.) Jimmy Hendrix - Purple Haze

    8.) Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

    9.) Pink Floyd - Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave and Grooving with a Picture

    10.) Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick

    11.) The Grateful Dead - Touch of Grey

    12.) The Flaming Lips - Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell

    13.) Offspring - Dirty Magic

    14.) Jimmy Hendrix - Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)

    15.) The Flaming Lips - In the Morning of the Magicians

    16.) The Doors - The End

    17.) Slightly Stupid - This Joint

    18.) Gorillaz - Starshine

    *UPDATED*Download Link:http://rapidshare.de/files/19242497/Djay_SonnyVee_-_Ego_Trippin.zip.html


    PS: I know it's not long enough for an entire trip, but I made it for; The start of the peak and on (So maybe about an hour into your trip then hit play. Enjoy :)
  2. Downloading now. :D
  3. Wow im glad to see someone who appreciates mixing music (i think ull get what i do by my sig ;) ) When I saw the title of the thread I expected just a playlist, but when I saw you actually mixed em, I immediatly dl'ed (dl'ing now).
    Hey what equipment did you use?
  4. Shouldnt this be in the Music Hall?..

    Downloading now tho..
  5. Duuudes nobody posts there because nobody posts there! a.ka. nobody reads that shit so they put it in general
  6. Really good software; Q-Base, Audacity, and MixMeister. I plan to get some better equipment in the summer but for now it will suffice.

    LoL -
    Thanx for answering for me.

  7. It's a nice mix, I love it.

    But it could use a hint of ska/reggae (like weed music off of videos on waytoomany.com)
    (Like "legalize it") :D
  8. Actually the second to last song, "Slightly Stupid - This Joint" is in fact a song off of waytoomany.com, i`ll leave it to you to guess for which vid though.
  9. Im listening to this, trippy remix of strawberry fields, the cymblals keep going in reverse, its crazy.
    My only regret is the mixing between tracks is more or less simple, some are good, but I wish the ones where it hardcuts were more creative.
    The trackselection is awesome though! Yarrr now its purple haze! :D
  10. Looks very good and I would love to try it, but your link is messed up!!
  11. Noooo...
  12. shoulda thrown in a lttle rap. a cut off doggystyle would be great, prefeberly "Lodi Dodi"
  13. Link expired... can you please re-host it??
  14. By Legalize It,

    do you mean "We Will Be Burning By Sean Paul"

    where he says "Time to legalize it, time to recognize it"?
  15. uploadin now as we speak, if anyone wants to give me a song list ill make them a sick mix.

    Lebowski - Yeah, I didn't concentrate on the mixing with alot of them because of the fact they were classic songs. I liked the way how it came out so in the future trip mixes I'm going to mix them up more.
  16. Dude Thank you so much for rehosting +rep
  17. Im DLing right now, sounds like its going to be sweet dude.

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