Mitt thinks he's off-air

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by JesusC, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. ...and gets into a heated discussion with a radio host about his faith/abortion and also talks about the return of missouri.

    I know there have been many Mitt threads, but this one really shows his human side, as opposed to his "appealing to the american public" side.
  2. Wow. That's really.. Really, really interesting. I've never liked him, but... Have to give him credit for being real. It's really rare you see that in a politician. Bump for others' viewing.
  3. I cant really give him credit for being real....because he thought he was off air. If he had the guts to be real on-air, thats a different give him all the credit in the world.

    It would be so refreshing to see someone running for president to just essentially say "fuck it", and be real for once. Talk like a human, not like youre programmed to win the affection of the American people.

    By the way, thanks for being the first to respond.....I thought this thread was lost forever ha.
  4. Well I don't think he would be ashamed of this video in any way. I understand his argument and I don't think he's unfaithful to his religion. There's a difference between believing in something and imposing those beliefs on others. On a side note, I'm pretty certain he's going to win the Republican candidacy, but I doubt he'll be elected president.
  5. I agree, the general public isn't ready to wrap their minds around a Mormon white house.
  6. But we're all gung ho for an Evangelical one? Apparently.
  7. Don't ask me how the mind of the average american works. I don't want to be associated with that :p
  8. There is no point of contemplating that because he is not going to be president.
  9. Who died and made you King Shit? I shall contemplate what I want, and when I want, sir. You'd be wise to change your attitude or you won't last long here.

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