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Discussion in 'General' started by amsterdamage, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. yea i posted this a couple days ago, complete worthless piece of trash he is.
  2. Doesn't surprise me... not too many Republicans are pro-medical marijuana. The people in that video kept acting like Romney didn't even answer the question when he clearly did. He didn't directly say "Yes I would have this man arrested" but he did make his stance on medical marijuana clear, which is what they were looking for. As much as we may disagree with his views, I think it's wrong to make it look like he has no regard for the sick and dying. He gave this guy in the wheelchair his chance to ask a question just like anyone else is given their chance, and he gave him an answer which he didn't have to do. He believes that synthetic thc can have the same health benefits as smoked marijuana, and there is evidence to suggest this is true. I'm not trying to say I'm against medical marijuana, because I'm not, I'm just against using a guy in a wheelchair to make someone look bad.
  3. Have any of you guys heard that Al Gore is remotely considering running after he just recieved the nobel peace prize.

    It'd def be interesting to see what some of his stances are IF he decides to run. If not.

    Obama 08' (my first choice is RP but he wont be on the Nov. ballot IMO)
  4. Neither will Obama.

    Yeah, this propaganda is lame.
  5. Yeah but Obama has a much better shot than Paul. Dr. Paul isnt even considered one of the top 3 for the republican party.
  6. Yeah, but when looking at the poll results, you've got to look at more than where they are "ranked." You've got to look at how much support each candidate has. Just 6 months ago Obama and Clinton were neck-and-neck, now Clinon has a very distinct advantage in every poll I have seen... it's unlikely that Obama will "turn it around."

    Paul, just 6 months had less than 1% in every major poll, now he's around a solid 4-5%. Of course, that still leaves him a long way's off, but seeing as how the Republican field is much more "wide open" it will ultimately require less of a percentage of GOP support. And I think as support for Obama fades, it will create more support for Paul.

    But I think this Fred Thompson charade is going to be the ultimate downfall for Paul's chances and give rise to Romney's dominance... after he drops out and gives his support to Romney that is. It's already becoming more clear every day that Guiliani and Romney are the "top two." And the media isn't going to have a very hard time making a thrice divorced Catholic look weak in the eyes of Protestant Americans... especially the twats that would-be supporting another actor in Thompson.
  7. God I hope Gore doesn't run.

    I don't think any actors are going to support Thompson. Most actors are way to liberal.

    I think it's still open. I really think Romney's Mormon thing is going to hurt him badly and that Guiliani is to liberal for the Republican party.

    I just realized something. Duh Romney doesn't support Medical Weed, he's a fricken Mormon!
  8. Gore has came out and said pretty clearly today that he wont run. Good news is stephen colbert announced he might run, lol.
  9. Id support a Stewart/ Colbert Presidency or the other way around .. either would be much better than what we have now.
  10. Steven Colbert is a funny ACTOR, not POLITICIAN.

    All the shit he says is completely fake.
  11. What about Jon Stewart? probably not, just because hes jewish.

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