Mitsubishi Evolutions/Subaru WRXs

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  1. I hate these cars. They aren't even in the same class as wrx, sti, or evo's. AWD is what its about, boosting is just a plus. But thats just me
  2. Same here and i think thats great! You can get away with sooo much more when everyone else has the same car.

    I love the Sti, 06 was the best looking hands down, though i do like the headlights on the 04-05. Im driving a 88 toyota pickup right now but ive finally got the cash together and Im talking to a guy about a Impreza L coupe witha EJ20K swap :D.

    The mathmatical equasion why these cars rock
    (AWD + Snow) A bowl + (your speed - everyone elses speed) = How big your smile is.
  3. All the things that mistu made for the evo serves a purpose, they would not make a hood that makes more drag on a car that is meant to be fast. evo<sti all day.

    I myself own a 2008 evo x, this car is the shit.
  4. I'd quit smoking for a subaru. I love rally cars
  5. This thread needs a ken block link stat methinks, mmm

    [ame=]Ken Block Gymkhana Practice - Car Videos on StreetFire[/ame]

    I love watchin this practice of his in an 06 STI

  6. yeaaa +rep

    ken fucking kills these practice tracks, hes like an artist and the turf is his canvas
  7. my uncle is the cook for this team

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  8. Yes they are great rally cars, not the best rally cars because most teams do not really use them anymore, but to say they arnt good on dry pavement is criminal. the evo is one of the best handling cars in the world no matter what type of track. watch the top gear where they compare a evo to a lambo. guess what, the evo out handles the lambo, both awd.
  9. the INSTANT i read this thread title i got a sour taste in my mouth. this is probably one of the most discussed topics in the history of internet forums lol. evo vs sti... :bolt:
  10. AMS has to be the best at making vehicles (set the record for fastest 1/4 mile time for evo's at 8.42 and 1182hp



    That's the blue demon which someone had them make.
  11. Ahem.


    This would be me.

    Couldn't take it rallying though, and god would I love to do that.
  12. few pic of my cars.. SUBARU FTW!!!!!!! "love its what makes a Subaru a Subaru":smoke:

    06 sti

    98 rs this is my girls..

    02 wrx with a ton of shit don't to it. heads,motor,tranny,turbo, standalone......... this car got striped down a had a 06 sti swapped into it... not done yet but will be soon ain't had time to finish it up.

  13. ^Damn, That 02 is somewhat of a sleeper isnt it. Looks all stock from the outside to me.
  14. ya only thing on the out side that give it away is the fmic (front mount intercooler) lol car was sick with that set up on it. i pulled every thing outta that car an swapped it with a 2006 sti.


  15. subie doobie doo!

    [ame=]Subaru WRX STI tows semi out of snow - Car Videos on StreetFire[/ame]
  16. I've never even ridden in an evo but have driven a few wrx's and one sti. Nothing new really, blast to drive.
  17. the STi is on my save up list...fuck a new piece...i want 300HP of turbocharged, awd greatness

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