Mitsubishi Evolutions/Subaru WRXs

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  1. Not a Evo or a STI, but it has a better track time then both...

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  2. It only has a better track time if you can drive it that way...otherwise the evo or sti will chew that thing all day long. Those two cars are not afraid to be pushed to their limits and they take to it like a duck in water. That lil ss doesn't.
  3. [ame=]YouTube - SSTC sedan vs STI vs SSTC Coupe[/ame]

    stock cobalt, modded be the judge...

    for the record, this guy uses the car exclusively for track
  4. They can't drive for shit, point not proven. lolcobalt.

    edit: cobalt's are ugly.
  5. Haha... keep telling yourself that your Cobalt SS is faster than STI/Evo's... that guys lines are all over the place.

    There is a reason STI's/Evo's are in a higher SCCA class than Cobalts.
  6. That cobalt's exhaust doesn't sound stock. And yeah cobalts are slow as fuck. The ss coupe is alright, but not the stock cobalts. They aren't even close to the same performance wise, and you can beat the shit out of evos and sti's in any seasonal condition, like what they are made for, and it will still grip the road. A cobalt would die if it tried to compete especially on anything that isn't dry pavement.
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    That car has a muffler delete only otherwise stock. I looked at a few WRX's but because I worked at GM and was leasing a GM vehicle, I was able to get the car for 19,000

    ..and yes, the performance in rain is piss poor, I have lost traction pulling in 3rd gear : /

    I only cruised with 2 sti's one was a 05, and the other a 08...from 40 I pullled on both, but 0-60 id loose for's just impressive that a $25,000 cobalt keeps up with stock sti's, evo's and BMW's. I think if any of you would drive this car, you'd realize the suspension set up is for track...corvette struts and stiff, stiff springs. I'd for sure rather be driving a sti, but for the price Ill stick with my FWD econo-box. I'm getting it tuned next week, should be a easy 325ft lb's of torque.

    I'm not ripping STI's or EVO's in anyway, I want a 08 STI hatch for my next car,
  8. Yeah both those cars in the vid have shitty drivers in them, neither know how to make a turn. The point I was trying to make is that I would feel more COMFORTABLE pushing an evo or sti to it's limit on the track rather than the...cobolt. I'm not hatin on the car, I know it's a sorta fast car. But there's always a faster car. Always.
  9. I see what your saying, I wouldnt call that Cobalt driver shitty tho, he has won all 5 auto-crosses that he has entered the car in, and regularly tracks his car. He actually bought the car for track use only. in his other vids he runs with a stock 06 Z06 that's being drivin by the track's instructor and his driving...if you got time, check it out.
    I just was out with my friend this morning and we switched cars for a bit "i got to drive the blue 05 sti parked next too me in the above picture...
    I wish I could take the no-lift shift feature, and the 2nd/3rd gear punch from my car, and add it to the grip that the STI has, I've never felt anything like it...its total car control cornering at almost any speed.
  10. $25,000 isn't exactly econo-box territory.

    Could have gotten a low mileage STI for that much...
  11. dude i want a subaru so bad!!!!!!!!!!! why the fuck did i buy a nissan titan??? plus lifting it 8" doesnt help gas much.... man!!! any one wanna trade subar for lifted titan!!!
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    I bought this car for 300 a month, the lowest i could get a WRX for was 395$
    My GM discount saved me 2500, my GM lease to buy special was another 2,500, the car was a early model 09, so that saved me another $1000 plus i was able to talk them down more ontop of that using deal coupons, ect... I know I got a good deal, the car stickeredd for 27, and i brought it home for under 20. I traveled 4 hours to get the car in Ohio because there was no sedans for sale in the state of PA.

  13. Actually, you're right to a certain degree. The pre-08 supercharged models were absolute garbage and slow no matter what.. Now the 08+ Turbocharged models are a whole different story, they're great. My best friend has an 09 SS , so far all he has is a cold air intake, and a tune and he now has 300+ FWHP with 360+ TQ. I have a turboback exhaust, short ram intake with an intake box, and a piggyback ECU reflash ( COBB Accessport ) until I get a pro-tune, and roll racing him ( obviously bad for me with AWD and no tune ) he take's me everytime. Now I don't know how safe this tune is because it's just a data-logged tune from some guy in another state, and he's pushing very high PSI..

  14. It actually doesn't show anything, he just says " I got his ass " and the video cuts to a dufferent section lol.. who knows, but I do now for a fact they are very nice, and yours looks great. I'll show my buddy your car because he wants those headlights next, I'm sure he'll love it.
  15. I love the Sti's my dad bought one back in 04 when they first come out , i got to drive it around a few weeks before we sold it (me and my dad buy wrecks repair them and resale them ). I have never had the opportunity to drive or even ride in an evo .

    Only pic i got of it , didnt really have a digital camera back in 04


    Heres My old car 04 Srt-4 , Stage 3 48lb wheel , all bolts ons , fully built DCR option B ,put down 439whp and 467whtq on a dynojet in HOM C16

    These were after i painted it with the CF hood , last pic i painted the cf and trunk Tangerine pearlcoat to match ,looked bad being CF

  16. my rex

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  17. my dad has a red evo IX RS. i prefer the STi

    i LOVE the peanut eye and would love to get one. But im kinda torn between it and the hawk eye.
  18. mmmm check this out

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  19. I think the hoodscoop is gay because there is a front mount IC. Just creating more drag on the car.

    Subaru FTW!!!

    Here's me.


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