Mitsubishi Evo vs Subaru STI: opinions?

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  1. A question that is always being asked, anywhere you go. Anyways, I'm looking to buy an Evo or an STI for the winter. I was just wondering what your guys' thoughts were on these two cars? Which do you like better? Anyone ever owned/driven any of these? I pretty much have my mind set on an Evo but I'm still looking around in case I see a nice STI that catches my eye. Evo model: 2003-2007STI model: 2003-2005Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. I haven't had either, but for some reason subarus seem more solid.

    I just associate dsm's with crankwalk
  3. I don't really like how the older STI looks, but the new one is beautiful. I might go with an EVO just for that reason.
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    The evo is the better car.subarus are nice but mod mod the evo wins .wrx sti require a little more love when modding .weres the evo can handel mods an not have to worry as much my buddys have both cars. The sti is on its 3rd tranny an its a stage 2.

    In reality you can not go wrong with eaither car both have proven them selves many times . Test drive them both an see what you think.
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    id go evo especially if its one of the older ones, they look way better and more aggressive than the Subaru. ive also heard the Subies have weak transmissions. Subies are a dime a dozen around here but you rarely see an evo especially an 8 or 9
  6. Evo 100%!

    Lovely looking car, relatively rare, fast, noisy, very tuneable.

    Everything a car should be.
  7. new evos look awesome so do the old ones but the sound of the sti flat 4 wins it for me...

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  8. Subaru has an awesome community, and they build some pretty awesome cars. Reliable if not modded or lightly modded and tuned correctly. Join NASIOC to learn everything about your Subaru.
    The Evo will net more power mod for mod, but the interior and other aspects of the STI set it apart from the Evo. STI has cruise control, and overall a nicer feel.
    Both have AWD, both can be made fast.
    The Evo is a bit more "raw" at least if you are going back to the older models.
    The STI is a little less "raw" with the 2002-2005 being the most raw.

    I have an 06 STI built engine with larger turbo, etc and I'm in love. It's fast and I would take it over an Evo.
    The STI can be expensive to mod and cost a lot for fuel and maintenance depending on how much you beat on the car. If you take care of it, I've seen many go over 150+k miles stock or even 200k miles....which is reliable if you ask me.
    STI FTW! But I'm bias
  9. i had a 2002 subaru wrx. So i can't pretend like i would say Evo. But I kno evo's are generally easier to hook up, and for the most part quicker and nimbler. The sound of a sti tho, with a catback and downpipe? omgg
  10. Evo long term .... No such thing.

    Subaru is slow but long ... long term, yes!

    Evo w tuning is faster then subaru

    Subaru w tuning is slower then evo. But long term wise, yes

    Some guy mentioned up there that the tranny is weak, how do you drive? Dumping clutches more then fast and furious? Yeah any tranny would break subject to that abuse. My point is no car is perfect. If it is, i wouldnt have to sell my 2000 wrx for a 05 legacy.

    I owned 05 legacy gt, 2012 wrx. No evo and i love my flat engines. Saving for a gt2 right now.
  11. I prefer the Evo but as a winter run around I'd go for the STI as it'll be less likely to hurt your wallet.
  12. Always been a subie guy but it's gotta be a 5door. I'm not a sedan guy. Nothing wrong with the lancer the sti is just more my style.
  14. Evo all the way. My sister has a subie. And so did my friend. There okay in untouched snow but anything else they slide so crazy ! I love subies and evos. But way too many substers in Maryland. Lol we need some evos up in here !
  15. I would daily drive an STI. But I would rather own an Evo.

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