Mitsubishi Eclipse

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    Just wanted to start a thread letting everyone know what a fucking awesome car this is...I have a 2003 Eclipse Spyder GTS 5sp v6 3.0L 24v w/ 177k miles totally stock. Been in 2 minor fender benders, never been repaired, runs fucking perfectly. Like brand new. Only 1 time in my 2.5 years of ownership has it not started for me, and that was about 2 months ago and just needed a new starter. I've also replaced the clutch at 140k miles. I bought it with 126k. I mean really runs new. Neglected oil changes and had 4 different tires on it for a few months. So reliable.
    Not only that, with the 5 speed transmission this car has some juice. It obviously ain't the fastest, but I beat a lot of cars I wouldn't expect... as it happens...did it tonight to a 2007ish Scion i know those things are not fast, but this dude had it riced the fuck out, had the mod stickers all over his windows, little bodykit, smoked taillights, loud exhaust (the tC, a 370z and a jacked up chevy truck were all revving loud as shit at the light) the whole nine light (which was the freeway on ramp, total straightaway) we both took off, and i dusted him...lmao. I know he was trying cause he was right behind me the whole time and we ended up at about 80-85 heh heh heh. He wouldn't even look at me once I slowed down so he could catch up. Now I know my eclipse is not a fast racecar but I think it's hilarious when it dusts other newer cars that the drivers think are the bomb. Did the same exact shit to a douchey 2007 mustang v6 the other night. 
    I'm tellin' ya, most reliable car ever. I put this thing through hell. I fucking love the manual transmission, will never buy another auto again.
    It don't look gorgeous but Ima post pics of her.
    This was the day of the 1st fender bender
    This was her the day I bought it in November 2011
    This is her a few months ago, a lot of the cosmetic damage has been fixed and the hood latches now. Headlight and amber turning signal have been replaced and sit in place

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    Yeah, it is. But that's irrelevant lol girls also LOVE the car, which is a major plus ya feel me. And I sure don't drive it like no woman haha. Either way, I hope Mr. Mustang and Mr. Scion were mad embarrassed they got beat by an old wrecked girl car, I really do! 
  3. My sis had this car. Low mileage, like new condition, regularly maintained and all. The transmission blew.  A new one costed more than the car. Got rid of it.
  4. Ouch. What year was it? Was it an auto? The lot I just bought my truck at had an old 03 auto eclipse same thing fucked up tranny its been in their back lot all tore up for weeks lol
  5. I believe it was 03.  And of course it was auto 0_o
  6. Of course it was eh. Lol mine is a 5 speed and I can imagine driving the auto v6 would be much different. Was hers a V6?

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