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  1. Going through a bit of a heatwave where i’m at. temps in my 4x4 tent in my usually cool basement are hitting the mid to upper 80’s during parts of the day. i have 2 gelat og by seedsman that are handling it fine. they are probably 2 to 3 weeks from harvest. but i also have 2 valley kush 1.0 from accelerator seeds that don’t seem to be as adaptable. they are both showing signs of heat stress- leaves curling up and canoeing, burnt tips and edges. one is foxtailing quite a bit but the buds on the other are nice and chunky. they are probably 3 to 4 weeks from harvest. i’ve done everything i can within my current means to get temps down (lights on at night, plenty of air circulation). an ac for the basement really isn’t a good option because it’s a large, open basement and it would probably take at least a 18000 btu ac unit to cool it. which i just can’t afford right now and honestly it’s usually fairly cool anyways. my main concern is damage control and getting the one plant to stop foxtailing. i probably wouldn’t grow the valley kush 1.0 again as it’s been finicky from the start but i still gotta finish the grow. any suggestions?
  2. probably worth mentioning- i’m growing in all perlite 5 gallon hempys with air stones.
  3. So im taking ur rh% is shy high too?

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  4. it’s honestly not that bad in the tent. i have 3 meters at canopy level and they all currently register at 43 to 45%. I have seen it go as high as 65% before though. i run a small dehumidifier in the tent during flowering.
  5. Raise ur light(s) see if itll help,,u could take 5g bucket or a tote fill wit ice it may help in tent but it could raise humidity too

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  6. lights are already almost as high as they can go. and they don’t create that much heat anyways (quantum boards). but i actually do have a fuck-ton of ice packs that my neighbor gave me from her meal delivery service. that’s not a bad idea to reduce temps! thank you! my main concern though is will it stop the one from foxtailing? can foxtailing be stopped and buds develop normally once it’s started?
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  7. Tbo foxtailing does not hurt ur weed at all like some think,,and certain genetics and strains will do it no matter what bro,,ur all good!

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  8. i get that. but the buds on my plant that is foxtailing are nowhere near as dense as the other 3 plants even though the buds are all of similar size. i agree that the quality shouldn’t be effected but i’m thinking the yield might? i’m also wondering if the foxtailing could be more of a phenotype issue? either way, (knock on wood) i’m looking at a pretty healthy harvest i think. but the thirst for knowledge drives me lol!
  9. Dealing with heat stress ull have light airy buds and not heavy thick dense buds usually if that answered ur question!?

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  10. it does answer it, thank you. luckily it’s only the one plant that is foxtailing. but does anyone know if it’s reversible? once a plant starts foxtailing will it continue to do so no matter what or is it possible that it can stop and develop normally?
  11. I think wants started itll keep doin it or just stay as is,,no way of undoing it tho

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  12. @GrowerAnonymous would you say in your recent harvest your foxtailing affected your yield bro you dealt with heat stress near end of flower didnt ya :D ???
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  13. I did have major heat issues. No it didnt effect my yield or the quality they just looked ugly as fffffffuuuuck!!
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  14. Sheeeit...ya think it does not periodically get into the 80's in the fields of Columbia? I run much of the summer with my room consistantly in the 80s and sometimes 90s. On extreme days I will add ice to my filter box but most importantly will keep things well watered (fuck the idea about letting thing dry out to the point of pot lightness) I would lean more towards what another alluded. Light stress. I have been running the same 2 strains for over 5 years. I generally have run MH/HPS but have been know to add a 4bulb T5 with blues and UV. The first time I did, I had foxtailing and the other symptoms you describe. Subsequent grows with that added light I have reduced the time it was on and eliminated the problems.
  15. High humidity can protect plants against high temperature to some extent, according to the Vapor Pressure Deficit chart. For 80 F leaf temp (~85 air temp) humidity should be 65-90%. Good air flow should prevent the dreaded bud rot.
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  16. ...oh and you will not reverse the foxtailing. They do kind of suck and when bad they suck to trim. Here's the pretty slick...knocks about 10 degrees off the room.
    Something you've created!
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  17. Dude, that's a pretty ingenious idea! I think I might have to try that! Maybe use frozen water bottles so I dont have to deal with dumping out melted ice. Thanks!
  18. Right ...I put 2,2 gallon frozen jugs in it
  19. All you need to do is keep air flowing through the canopy you don't need to add ice or do any of that other stuff that won't make much of a difference
  20. I have 2 fans already and my exhaust fan. Plenty of air blowing through the canopy. Problem is it's hot air.

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