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  1. Hey just started my second grow a little bit ago. First one went well by the way. Smooth sailing through, no problems except some gnats. Yielded 60 grams of buds I am very satisfied with. Anyways. I started a few more and had them outside during day and inside at night first. Got them indoor permanently now. I admit I haven't been keeping as close of care as I did the first ones. I'm noticing what I think are mites though. One plant was pretty bad and I got rid of it. Just found a few on two more plants. What can I do to get rid of them? Would a foliage spray of water mixed with onions work?
  2. Well, pics may help. You think it's mites. But we can't identify what they are to determine the correct course of action.
  3. Cold Pressed Neem Oil is your friend

    does molds good too

    and is systemic and organic
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  4. Yes I should have got pictures. I picked what I found off though. If they come back I'll get some pictures too
  5. Few days ago i noticed some white dots on my leafes and after examination under microscope i saw few spidermites.I searched in forums and found this recipe,i applied it twice and today will be the third time.It works like a charm!!I live in a small country in Europe and was unable to find Habanera peppers so i bought green spicy peppers and just chopped 7-8.

    1.) Get a sauce pan - fill with one pint of water - put on lowest flame possible (do not boil !!!).
    2.) Chop 4 -5 Habanera peppers fine. Chop open seeds and central membranes, as the power lies there.
    3.) Simmer chopped peppers for 20 minutes - making sure not to boil (you will destroy the active proteins).
    4.) When you put your head over the pan and the wispy-steam stings your eyes, the Calicleaner is ready.
    5.) Pour the Calicleaner through a fine mesh strainer - a little fine grit is OK - let cool in a clean bowl.
    6.) Pour room temperature contents in a mister spray bottle. Your are ready to apply.

    HOW TO APPLY Calicleaner
    1.) Put on gloves, and wear a mask, or at least put a bandana around your nose and mouth.
    2.) Turn off all fans - you do not want this spray in your eyes!!!
    3.) Spray the bottom of EVERY leaf - starting with the bottom leaves first, work up to the top.
    4.) After the bottoms are done, hit the tops and the stems.
    5.) Squirt liberally in new leaf pods - tightly wound new leaf growth (the small mites hide there).
    6.) Get the heck out of the room till it clears.
    7.) Repeat procedure with each plant.
    8.) Spray the soil, the pots, and the floor or earth around the area to kill dropping mites and stop migration.
    9.) Wash hands with soap and water when complete - the stuff will heat-up skin for 4 hours.
    10.) DO NOT WORRY. Though the stuff is lethal to mites, the plants love it.
  6. So actually I've found literally liked two little white spiders. I know a mother fuckin spider when i see one. Haa. But what I'm worried about is the mites. They're black
  7. So they were on the bottom on there leaves? Yes look I have pictures. I've called this grow off. Gonna start fresh. Im ocd with this shit. They're staying outside now.

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  8. What do you think im scratching this one pretty much. Just wanna know for next time possibly. Sooner. Mites?

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  9. Should i try it?
  10. Sounds good
  11. Can you please post a better picture? Judging from this picture I don't believe you have Spider Mites.

    Spider mites are tiny, generally a reddish color and most often found on the underside of your leaves. They're first noticed by showing whitish dots on the leaves where they've sucked the juice out of the leaves. Severe cases will show the plants covered in webbing.

    Look for the leaves to have many white dots all over the leaves.

    Please post a better picture. This one is blurry.

  12. Yeah,look under the leafes,i see them with my bare eye but he smaller ones and the eggs are quite difficult to see.
  13. Positive identification is the most important thing for you right now.
    This is what typical spider mite damage looks like. Notice the little white dots covering the leaf, where the mites have sucked the juice out of the leaf from the underside of the leaf -


    This is what spider mites look like. You should try and use a magnifying glass to get a positive identification. You're most likely find them hiding on the bottom of the leaf - if you do in fact have them.


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  14. This is on the bottom of one leaf. Aphids? They're not red and I don't see any white spots on the leaves except that one that looks like a little web nest or something. Any ideas on what I should do?

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  15. Definitely not spidermites,they look like Aphids to me but the photo is a little blury,they are so small and its quite difficult for the camera.
  16. So any ideas?
  17. Wow so I just looked up pictures of aphids and it's definitely aphids. There's also some little green ones on the stems. Which I didn't mention cuz there was no way to picture them. But they have pictures on Google. Sooo, I'm going to try onions and water as a foliage spray. Couldn't find habenero peppers either yet. Let you guys know how it works
  18. Aphids :sad:

    They hate rosemary oil too.
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  19. I want to kill them though. Not just run them out. That's why I moved outside for now though. So they have somewhere else to go. Otherwise they're just trapped I guess unless they go thru a whirl wind
  20. And some how make it out thru screens and filters and shit. I fucked up by ever putting them outside to begin with

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