Mites: Neem, co2, floramite...all fail

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  1. Like the title implies, I am having a hard time battling spider mites. I built a brand new room and got clean clones and somehow I still managed to get mites into my grow space.

    I have tried many different remedies with no luck. Up until the last few weeks of flowering, I was spraying neem every other day and also pumping in 10,000ppm of co2 for 3 hours every 3 days. It kept the spreading to a minimum, but still those little bastards don't want to leave. I recently stepped it up and purchased some Floramite. The Floramite is supposed to attack the mite's central nervous system and it says on the instructions that it is powerful enough that it should only be applied once every 30 days. It also states that all mites should be dead within 3 days. 4 days later, I still have bugs crawling around.

    So I am asking for some help. I thought the co2 induction was the best way to do it, but it still doesn't seem to work. Anyone have any idea. I'm pretty much at the point where I give up on eliminating and just continually try to keep the population low.
  2. From what I hear, mites are almost impossible to eradicate.
    Sorry about your luck, I hope I don't get any!
  3. I've been battling mites and finally got them under control with a product called
    Monterey Garden Insect Spray. It contains a bacteria called Spinosad which when applied, colonizes on the plant. As the mites hatch and eat, they die. It kills all leaf eating insects including caterpillars.

    It takes awhile, but it will eventually eradicate them. I apply it every 7 days at a rate of 2 tbsp/qt. You need to use a wetting agent/surfactant like Penetrator or Wet Betty. Read the links I posted, you'll get an understanding of the mechanism that kills them. Also, the product is rated organic. I think I spent 18-18 bucks for a pint, and still have quite a bit left.

    The other thing to consider, is there are other products available with Spinosad, so you might find it at your local nursery/garden center.

    Hope you beat those bastards, it's discouraging to pour so much time and care into your grow to be fucked over by mites..............peace............chunk
  4. I'll look into that product. Thanks

    I just ordered some avid as well, lets see how it does. I've also tried the hot shot no pest strips but they didn't work either. I'm so sick of this
  5. Spider mites Re a huge issue indoors. I mean unless you run yer grow room like a medical sterile enviroment yer gonna have them. And even with every effort people will still get them.

    The neem really only is sorta a repellant. I'll spray it on the plants during veg. Nit flowering since it'll make the buds taste like roasted shit garlic.

    I use a product called dr doom. They make a spray and bombs. Works pretty well for me
  6. I'm actually ending flowering in a couple days, but I am trying to figure this out for my mothers. I just recently noticed mites on them. I have AVID on the way and I might try out Forbid as well.

    The floramite is supposed to be very strong, as it states only to use it once every 30 days, but it seemed rather ineffective. Hopefully the Avid will work
  7. They have Dr. Doom at the local hydro store, I'll give it a try if the Avid doesn't work. I also just threw a new Hot Shots pest strip in my 4x4 hut for the mothers, lets see if it works this time.
  8. Those hot shot strips have always worked for me... that + neem oil to battle the toughest of flying little bitches.
  9. Hey man I had a mite problem from hell too, I tried neem, greenspray, dr doom, and azamax. When I got floramite it ended my problems, are you using 1 tsp per gallon?
    Do you get all the undersides of the leaves. Im sure you do, I just cant understand why its not workin for ya. I mixed it @ 1 tsp per gallon in water 5.5 ph (very important)
    Sprayed all undersides of leaves and those little fuckers are gone.
    It was starting to effect my central nervous system battling those bastard, good luck..
  10. I use Neem, Hot Shot strips, CO2, and floramite and I still have them little fuckers. I even removed everything from my flower room and sprayed the room down with bleach and sprayed each plant before I moved them back in. I was mite free for about 30 days then BAM!!!!! Got hit again. SO...... Like the guy above said, Unless you keep your room as clean and sanitized as a Dr's office you will have them eventually.
  11. They are beyond driving me insane. I just tried Azamax and if that doesnt work, I'm going to order natural predators. I just can't win.

  12. WHAT It was starting to effect your central nervous system?? :eek: Are you serious! Are you ok man? :confused_2: So that stuff made you sick? Were you wearing a respirator when you applied it?
    I hope your ok man.. Stay medicated :bongin:
  13. Man I had them a few weeks ago and the came back. Hit two 7+ foot
    tall mothers I was grooming for a 2 sided ScrOG. I used soap & water,
    neem oil then a pyrethrum fog bomb. I used 2 x 2 ounce cans. Perhaps
    should have been a third can ... :devious:

    Total Release Pyrethrum Fogger

    Mighty Spidies SUCK!!! .... literally
  14. I have always had good results with Safer Soap, applying to the under side of the leaves is a must! Try it nothing bad will happen, its "safe" what ever that means....You can even use it during the flowering weeks.

    Good Luck!

    Frag Out!

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