Mites....about Ready To Throw In The Towel.....

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  1. Why can't I get rid of these damned mites? I've used everything I can think of and yet they remain! It's a daily battle and I'm getting tired of the fight! I've used Einstien Oil (has neem oil in it) Avid (can't use after a certain point of blooming) and NPK Power Wash/Mighty Wash combo...and they are still flippin here! My room is in my house proper, in a sealed environment. No smells, nothing! Why in the heck can't I get rid of them? They are making me bonkers! Does ANYONE have any suggestions? I really don't know where to go from here other than pitch 12 full grown 6+ weeks of flowering beauties (?) into the trash bin! Heellppplp!

  2. vacuum cleaner ftw!!!
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    Mix 10ml hydrogen peroxide in one qt water. It's normal 3% H2O2 usually in a brown bottle. It WILL dry the hell out of your buds/leaves. Put a fan or two on medium DIRECTLY on the plant(s). Water a little more than usual. When it's dry, GENTLY vacuum all the eggs and adult bodies.
    EDIT: I have no idea who wrote that last thing, but it looked like something out of Dr. Seuss! :smoking:
  4. can you haul them outside and blast them with a garden hose? Blast them off and neem the fuck out of them.
    You think mites are bad?..........
    Aphids are way worse, the fuckers are born pregnant!!!
    This works! And the mites can NOT become resistant to insecticidal soap. :yay:
    I prefer the peppermint variety. The peppermint oil can sting if gotten on certain sensitive parts of your body :eek: , and the thought of the stinging peppermint oil getting into the eyes, lungs and other tender parts of the mites just fills me with a sadistic glee!   :devious:  I absolutely HATE mites! 
    How effective the insecticidal soap is, depends on how thoroughly you spray! Do a good job! Be sure to get the undersides of your leaves where the mites like to stay. I do a few 3 day cycles- spray day, rinse day, and rest day- and the mites are gone and my buds are clean! The soap rinses off with tepid water, and the runoff is happily eaten by soil bacteria, which in turn, fertilizes your plants.
    Also, Dr Bronner's is the only soap that touches my face! I've used it since before it was made with hemp oil- over 35 years. If you are going to use it for washing your body, the almond, lavender and rose varieties are great! It is really inexpensive, too! A $5 bottle will last a long time because it is not diluted with fillers. And the original Dr Bronner was a trip- read the bottle!
  6. Buy the way I had mites get my plants so bad I sold my 1,000 watt grow light and did throw all the plants in the trash and grew outdoor only for several years.
    Now I have a bigger pump up sprayer and spray the fuck out of plants in veg to be sure I don't have to do it in flower.
    Give all your plants a shower, put plastic bags over the pots to keep from drowning the plant.
    Im going to go neem the shit out of my plants right now after this post!
  7. Mites are born pregnant too ;) its all about soap, protekt silica, and neem/azamax. Gets em every time spray every two days three times then wash with water after the third spray you will be rid of them.
  8. Screw neem oil, soaps, and all that spraying! Goto Wal-Mart and get some No-Pest Strips. I throw one at the base of plants and one above the lights. It will kill them dead day 1. Leave them in there and you will be pest free for about 6months
  9. if you want chemical laden pesticides next to your plants be my guest but im strictly organic and my medicine has to adhere to certain standard. Been doing this 13 years now kinda know what I'm talking about so does storm crow.
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    And fuck Walmart I shop local business first.
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    I'm going the easy way today....I've fought these buggers and am just about out of money! They are tough little shits! I'll get some pest strips and try some peppermint insecticidal many pest strips? One per plant and one above the lights or one on the floor and one above the lights? Sorry...been a mite-y long day! 
    Saw your comment the spin is rooming! lol....making me dick and sizzy!!! ;)
    Yea im growing medicine for my Mom, bad enough I use neem in veg.
  13. Buy box of matches seal room sulphyr BOMB!
  14. Drown the little bastards in the tub....what size pots you runnin?
  15. 7 gal phat sacks.....felt.
  16. they have a triple blend spider mite predator this site has all kinds of predators for us gardners

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    First off, where do you get your sources that this will produce chemical laden plants? These have been proven very safe in the food industry, and with a simple google you could come to your own conclusion.
    But here is one that has to do with food:
    This says the half-life of dichlorvos is around 2days, when SPRAYED DIRECTLY on the plants. Mind you this is not even being sprayed on your plant, its vaporizing into the air which quickly breaks down to less then harmful chemicals. Now, I am not saying you should be chilling in your sealed grow room with these for any extended amounts of time.
    Plus, no one gives a fuck on your opinions of a retail store. I am sure people can draw their own conclusions on where to shop. I am merely saying these are very widely available.
  18. One strip will do an entire garden, It's important that it is sealed though. I have heard of results in 4hrs in a sealed environment.
  19. thought you were talking about hot shot pest strips those are indeed poisonous to animals and humans. And don't care if you like the opinion of walmart but I shared it. They suck and truly a large source of what is wrong with America these days.
  20. seen a procedure were the pot was wrapped in a stocking so the soil would stay in it while the whole plant was layed side ways in the bath tub filled with water...let it sit there 45 minutes...result dead spider mites
    if you have a 40x lupe after you put an infected leaf in a bowl of water for even 5 minutes look at the mite it will be dead

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