mites..4 days from chop. need advice

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  1. cant do pics but while checking trichs, spotted critters on one girl but this late in the grow i believe nothing can be done? any body? will they upset the harvest?
  2. Spray with a Dawn dish soap mix. Use 1 part soap to 100 parts water. I've used it, and it worked incredibly well. I was impressed. You can also add a part of olive oil if you'd like. Just spray down your plants with it, and it'll kill the bastards.

    If you're running a perpetual, or have plants that aren't done flowering yet, the spider mites will infest all the other plants. Kill them now or forever have mite problems!

  3. so you just spray the plant with soapy water, nugs and all? doesn't that give them a funny taste?
  4. bingo!! will do that today thanks ohspyro89 , im a noob and keep a close eye on um typically but my 1st issue with critters. noticed splotches but thought it was just dying leafs cuz im due to chop this weekend. will be more attentive thanks to all for the help
  5. After you harvest make sure you sterilize your equipment, and grow area. Then do it again.

    Spider mites can live up to a month maybe more. Go into a dormancy mode as well. One female can lay up to 1 million eggs a month so basically you want to nuke your area after your grow is finished. THen do it again.
  6. pylon TR. done.

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