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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by 2old2rock'nroll, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. Misty at 1 week before harvest, can't wait.

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  2. lookin awsome man! what strain
  3. looks good....a sativa?....looks like one.....possibly the misty like he said....i out......Sid
  4. oh is misty a strain? my bad, thought you just named it misty. hehe... :D
  5. Well for all those doubters out there they are called "Misty", not what they make you after smoking, well maybe. By what I can make out they're one of the parents to the "White Widow" variety and the stone is a bit couch locking, to say the least. Also as far as i know they're an indica and grow to about 3 foot high.
    I've been told that they're pretty good for scrog grows if you flower them around 8-12 inches, and that will be my next attempt in modular units. See link below :-

    I decided on trying these as i was told that they're pretty good for pain, as i suffer from cervical and osteo arthritis, anyone now of other types for my complaint?
    Anyhow all replies, good or bad, greatfully recieved.

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