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  1. hi guys my girls are 4 weeks into flower just wondering how often if at all should i mist my girls whith just plane water as i dont want to cause bud rot:eek: my temp is between 75 85 and my humidity is 30% and 40% i also have 2 large ocaltor fans 1 set at the tops and 1 set at the base of plants and also have 4inch intake and 4 inch outake whith a carbon filter:wave:
  2. its ok to mist them as long as its mist and not water droplets, of just plain ol water...i am doing the same thing with week old clones .....i do it everyday....but just a few squirts of mist over my entire 4x6 tray.
  3. well clones need misting because they don't have a root structure to absorb water. they need a ton of humitidy so they can absorb water through their leaves.

    however, for a plant in full flowering, i had always heard it's best to avoid directly misting the buds and to mist as sparingly as possible if you really can't help but do it. I really don't see why people do it anyway.

    i can't see any benefit to the plant other than a little extra water absorbed through their leaves. which is usually solved by simply watering the plant... if someone can give me a solid sound reason for doing it i'll probably change my mind.

  4. I agree that plain water misting of a full bloom plant is un-needed and may possibly lead to problems.

    For disease and Mildew protection I weekly spray my budding plants with Green Light Neem and on alternating weeks do a spray of Kelp. I use this regime up until about 3 weeks from harvest. I wished I could avoid this spraying completely but there has been a huge Powdery Mildew problem in NorCal this year. I'll take my chances with possibly less odorous bud as long as its not plagued with PM.

    I do all of my spraying during dark cycle. Its a bit of a hassle to do under green light, but its better for the plants to be bone dry before the HID's kick on.

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