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do u mist

  1. yes i mist all the time

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  2. i only mist clones or sick plants or to add pest sprays

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  3. no i dont mist

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  4. wots misting??

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  5. i mist clones and my plants every time it's low on water, then add water and stop misting.....bu

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  1. to answer your earlier question barnaby, yes i stop misting once i've added the water...........i guess it's just a habit i got into, so what i'll do this grow with the 2 blueberry's is mist one and grow it the way i normally do......and not mist the other and grow it normally, and see if there's a diffrence, i know there will be lots of variable things in each grow but i'll try my hardest to make sure that both get the exact amount of light, fert etc apart from the misting...........Peace out.........Sid
  2. fair play changing the vote. i tryed to cover all ppl in a genral way but 4got about the person that i was just talking to that just cant b pigionholed!

    i shud of made the last1 "other" insted.

    i do think it wud b an intersting experment to do with clones but from seed im not so sure, when i grow from seed my canopy looks like wales rather than norfolk like it does from clone.

    i thought the fem seeds by themselves was a bit of an experiment anyway? if u get 2 consistent, even plants from them then that says a lot about fem seeds.
  3. well this is an experiment in itself barnaby, as i've never use femenized seeds before..........but come the time if you'll remind me...(as i have a memory worth shit....lol) i'll do with 2 female clones, and not with the clones from the blueberry if need be........but as i said, remind me..........lol........the Jack D is kicking in now....lol..........Peace out...........Sid
  4. yeah i will, it wudnt mattter if the clones were from the BB or not aslong as they r clones if its just 2 plants its done on.

    i'l try and remind u but im stoned.
  5. lol..........now i'm stoned and drunk......lol........need to kepp an eyen on this post if i reme,ber..........lol.........Peace out.........Sid
  6. I don't mist while in flowering. But other than that I mist daily and my plants seem to be healthy as can be.

    In the outside a plant really gets a mist at least once a day with the morning dew.

    Inside the mist evaporates so fast anyhow since the air is so dry, it doesn't sit on the leaves for hours like in the morining how your lawn gets soaked.
  7. i beleive it is because the plant has little or no roots, correct? so it need to absorb water etc through the leaves.

  8. Humidity is definitely a good thing, but i wonder about misting... I believe if you mist then the plant has to work much less to get those nutes. If you dont mist I think it forces root development.

  9. dont u mean if u mist then a plant has to work harder to get the nutes? unless that is u ment foluar feeding, misting with a weak feed.

    i aggre with wot u say ""If you dont mist I think it forces root development."" i dont mist my clones and have very good sucsess rates.
  10. HIGH All, mmmmmm misting.....me I only mist my clones. I've never mist my plants, my plants have great leaf growth that they suck up what they need...I do Bubble Buckets so no problem with Nutrient intake.
    Foliar feeding is a good way to get nutrients to the plant later when nutrient lockup problems could start to reduce intake from the roots.
  11. I mist twice with Seaweed in the Grow stage, besides that I have to mist with End All to get rid of the mites I keep gettin from my clones!!! I never mist in the Bloom stage though.
  12. ya i mist all the time also to keep my babies humid and to decrease them from burning but never in flowerin stage...imagin if they caught fire...lol...nice hotboxed house...lol...peace
  13. Howdey, ya'll{8^D
    Heavy misting does work well as a first aid measure for nute locked plants, to 'flush' the foliage. Giving thorough misting before and during the soilflush helps wash out the excess up front, like a stomach lavage, while the soil cleansing is, as someone pointed out, rather like a diaper change. There is a good deal of excess moisture involved in this processs, since the foliage has to get dripping wet, and resprayed everytime the dipping stops, as may times as you have to flush the soil. Then you must give the plant a vigorous shaking, then a careful drying.
    I only foliar feed a plant which has suffered root damage by accidental or extreme tranplant, or root rot from overwatering.
    In very dry hot climates, light misting may be called for, but I prefer, in my desert fastness, to set a bowl of water near the fan. The heat and low humidity do the rest. (I got to where I couldn't squeeze the spray trigger anymore.) In extreme cases, a tent may become necessary. This generally elimnates any of those diseases/damage caused by excess moisture sitting on foliage.
    I got some fairly significant results from substituting Seltzer Water(salt free!) in sprayer or bowl. But only during veg. Too much CO2 around buds, and hairs turn brown prematurely.
    Temperature and ventilation are critical when misting. A moist plant on 12's is at risk for blight or fungi, so as mentioned before, do it early so she's put to bed dry.
    In the earth girl's final analysis:
    Misting is messy, labor intensive and mostly unnecessary, except as first aid.
    Keep on...eg
  14. something earthgirl said made me think of sumthin.

    when u are flushing ur plants for the final axe, i wonder if misting heavly for a day or even just a few hours before the axe wouldnt help that process out.

    fans should almost reduce the chance of molding to 0%. and
    certainly the majority of us dont have to worry bout molding if because we dry right.

    also, ive oft wondered about the lack of rain in my grow room. seems to me that there is some process's that the plant never gets use because it never sees extended wet leaves. maybe that is where u get ur 'springtime freshness'

    maybe more weight?

    im gonna look into this more.


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