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  1. okay i have heard that it is bad to mist your plants but why? i want to mist the leaves before i unleash the ladybugs cause the lady bugs like the wet....its flowering but im assuming this is perfectly fine right...
  2. Go ahead and mist them. They don´t dissolve if it rains, do they?
  3. THC does not disolve in water so you won't lose any. Just don't keep them wet for too long, you don't want any bud rot to come along.
  4. What would be the purpose of misting? All water is absorbed by the roots and none is taken in by the leaves..... The sun does get pretty hot but not really hot enough to actually burn the leaves. Burning of the leaves only happens really indoors under high powered lights or from over fertilizing. I don't see why you can not mist but I also don't see why you would want to.
  5. Maybe he wants to wash them - some house plant enthusiasts do exactly that.
  6. lol did you not read it or what? i said " i want to mist the leaves before i unleash the ladybugs cause the lady bugs like the wet" in other words the lady bugs stay around longer and eat more bugs off your plant if it is moist and not too hot..

    i was just wondering if it would be fine b/c its flowering and all but i figured it would be so i went and did it anyways
  7. Hey all, I thought I would add to this subject. I don't have a degree in Botany or Horticulture but I'll have to say that not only can plants uptake water through their leaves but they can uptake nutrients through thier leaves as well. Now misting your plants or what some might call foliar feeding during vegative growth is an excepted practice doing so during flowering is not as much so. So yes plants can get water as well as nutrients through their leaves. Misting your plants won't hurt them, does the rain hurt them? Keeping your plants leaves or buds for that matter wet for prolonged periods will invite fungal or mold growth. You do not want this!! If you are growing in an arid environment with little or no rain I would strongly suggest giving your plants a nice misting of water every now and then. Just as the skin on your body needs moisture so do leaves on a plant. So if I am worng on this subject by all means some body prove me wrong. Later Peeps..
  8. Presumably the ladybugs are being unleashed to eat some pest.
  9. yes that is what the ladies are for
  10. Misting of plants will cause no harm. It is called "foliar" feeding. In fact there are fertilizers made specifically for this such as Earth Juice Essential Spray. You can also foliar feed with E.J. Microblast and Catalyst.

  11. that's true, especially spray on the underside of the leaves, that's where the stomata are located. There's no stomata on the top side, in fact it's covered with a waxy cuticle on top so water can't get in there at all.

  12. Nice pic, amsterdamage.

  13. You wouldn´t like to enlighten us as to what pests they are useful for??

    The only actual insect pest I have suffered from is grasshoppers, but I don´t think ladybugs will eat them.
  14. Lady bugs get rid of spider mites. Spider mites are really mainly a problem in an indoor grow, but they can destroy an entire crop if they are not caught early enough. I am sure Lady's are useful versus many pests, but spider mites are the most dangerous ones I know of.

    They may be dangerous outside as well, however I have only heard of them in indoor cases.
  15. umm well they are a beneficial insect and i know they eat aphids and spider mites and much more but i cant really remember the rest....they do a good job though....they clean up your plant and then they bone out when theres nothin left to eat....if your growing outdoors then the ladies are a must (if you have any bug problem) idk about indoors though, it would probably be really messy

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