Misting during early flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheMysticMan, May 27, 2006.

  1. No nutes, just straight water. Is this okay? Will it wash off trichomes?
  2. If there are trichs do not mist. Frankly, I don't think it is necessary to mist the plant at all (except misting clones when they are rooting, foliar feeding when there is a deficiency and spraying with an insecticide when there are pests). If you want to mist, just stop around week two or so of flower when the trichs start to show up.
  3. Its possible to cause mold by doing this
  4. Aint gonna happen. Its so dry around here, the rocks outside are dying.
  5. Very funny Mystic!

    Even so, I wouldn't spray the flowers 'cuz they can trap moisture.
  6. So you can't mist at all during flower? :(

    What about spraying for pesky bugs? I'm currently waging a small war with these small brown beetle-like bugs(light brown with darker brown spots early on, turn into brown flying beetles). I don't see any visible signs of damage from them yet, but I'm going to kill them anyway. Is mold still a factor if I'm using Guru's insecticide which contains anti-bacterial soap and have good ventillation?
  7. Spraying for bugs is different. Allowing bugs to eat you plants for fear of mold would not make sense (to definitely allow your plants to be destroyed for fear that you might ruin your plants). I don't believe insecticides would promote mold anyway.

    You can still spray the fan leaves with water during flower. Buds capture and hold moisture much better so avoid those.

    Personally I wouldn't, though. Two thoughts: 1) roots are designed to take in water and nutrients, and while leaves can do this as well they really are designed to convert light into usable energy for the plant, so I'd rather let each part do its job best, and 2) you are trying to create a dry environment during flower so that the plant protects itself from drying out by coating itself in resin, so spraying the leaves seems counter-productive in that respect.

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    And what Toasty said.
  9. Ah, I swear I didn't see that in your post, SmknVTEC. I sometimes have the eyesight of Ray Charles. :cool:

  10. I like that :)
  11. When ever you decide to mist any plant at any time, make sure you DO NOT MIST THE BULBS!

    imagine this :

    1. You stoned as can be decide to mist your plants so you open up the box.
    2. You mist your great looking girls rainforest style.
    3. Some of the mist hits your bulb, bulb goes pop.
    4. Parts of hot glass fly around. One of them penetrates your eye.
    5. Shocked and startled as you are you lose you balance and fall into your box.
    6. While falling you grab your lamp's fixture by reflex.
    7. You and the fixture hit the ground, mud, water, lamp, plants and you all over the place.
    8. BZZZ BZZZZ. Here comes sparky!
    9. Smoke rises from your box.
    10. I meet you in The Abyss next time I'm there.

    See what I mean?;)

  12. LoL
    Another great bunch of reasons why not to mist your plants unless totally necessary.
  13. I ran across a fella who thought spraying his bulbs would create quit evaporation and insta humidity....

    He had 6 cfls and went nuts spraying them. His 6 gorgeous plants got poisoned after they went kaboom!
  14. Any idiot who mists his plants close to bulbs or lights of any kind is just asking for it.
  15. Even if you don't fall and electrocute yourself, that glass going into your eye really will give you the eyesight of Ray Charles.
  16. i have heard about people misting their plants with carbonated water to give the plants some C02. Is this helpfull? I think you would be pretty OK if you did this in the veg. stage but i wouldnt want to mold my buds by misting when they are flowering.
  17. lol, please read the thread....

    do not mist your plants unless you are trying to root clones. this means with any type of water!!

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