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mistergreens first ever grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by mistergreen, May 31, 2009.

  1. hi peeps ive been readin stuff on your site for a couple of months now and thoght it was time to join and take the plunge into growing my own weed. i have 10 white russian seeds that are in germination as i speek, i bought them from serious seeds so don t know how good they are,i did however think they where pricey 60 pounds for 10 anyone used serious seeds before? they have been germinating for 24 hours 3 have cracked and tiny root tap can be seen , does anybody know how long the root tap should be in mm so i know when to plant? im going to have a grow diary for you all to see how dumb ass i am lol and hopefully you guys and gals will put me straight:hello:
  2. you should plant the seeds pretty much as soon as you can see the taproot, don't worry if it gets a little long and curls a bit, will still be fine.
  3. wow thanx already nice too see im not aloan i was a little worried no one would post being such a newbie:)
  4. hey man, i usually wait until my taproots are poking out nicely then plant it with that taproot facing down in the soil, only cover it with a light cover of soil 1/2 inch or so. it will pop up in a few days just keep the soil damp
  5. yo doindia i cant believe it i checked on the seeds this mornin and omg these ten seedlings have burst out from the seed shell and the longest is 18 mm and the shortest is 5 mm i have now planted them into seedling compost and pearlite 70% soil 30%prealite ive put em in 4inch pots and put em in propogator temp is 77 degrees and .......hope this is right gonna put light on today at 4 pm and off at 10am tomoz your input wud be greatly appreciated ps ive taken photos of seeds then seeds opening and latest ones today....but i think this site wants me to download them from a site where ive uploaded them is that correct ? im not happy to do this to be honest .. it wud be a shame not to share them with u peeps thou
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    first picture is seeds at 19 hours and 2nd pic is at 40 hours hope these pics work the last pic im putting my babies to bed the little box on top of propergator is the germination box and the tweezers i used to plant then with

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  7. Ill Be Watching This Thread To See How Well They Go. Best Of Luck.
  8. geez man it looks like you had a great success in germination. as for the beginning your doing great and everything sounds good, HOWEVER whats is this light schedule your talking about?

    when you cut the light on today leave it on, 24 hours a day during veg
  9. hi ppl firstly thanx to doindia yes m8 i wud like to to 24 hour light to be honest but i have a heat issue so im thinking of 18/6 or let me explain temp in my room with two fans blowing not intake or out take fans just blowin air around is 90 degrees in the day with no light on or fans its 77 degrees so what would you guys advise i do ? working on money for intake and out take fans but may be a week or two..........i know of couse i have germinated a little early but you guys now how exciting it is to do your first grow and im on that buzz.....any advice is greatly appreciated.....ok....thanx for advise d1nglzx2 as u can see there planted up now so cheers.......and lastly cool Retard -3000 thanks for coming along for the ride :D
  10. well 18/6 is an option for sure but i never recommend/prefer it. what kinda space are you dealing with? 90 is by far too hot for an all day ambient temperature.

    what exactly are you working with

    soil/hydro, lighting, nutes etc...?
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    ok doindia here goes 1.8 meters by 2 meters by 1.8 meters tall
    im using soil seedling organic compost can t remember the name but if u wanit ill get it .....ok 1 x 400watt metal hallide althou i have two only using this time........ its stands about 4 feet off the top of the plants when plants are about 6 inch tall......if that makes sense and as for nute nah m8 ive been redin ure stuff kinda hopin u mite help out there ........frieghtend to death of nutes to be honest so hey any info wud go down a treat ......if your thinkin roof is low thinkin same lemme know? cheers m8 and my quote of the day..... THIS AIN 'T A FUCKIN REHEARSEL THIS IS THE REAL THING.......LIVE IT AND LOVE IT !
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    sorry posted these last two posts back to front fuck knows how but anyways.....checked temps earlier at 12.20 am to be precise and highest temp recorded was 80.1 and coolest was 76.5 i switched light on at 4.30pm and recalculated temp can u see prob with temps ? ............i think there fine at nights .......but worrie wot there gonna be like tomoz as its supposed to be low 80 degrees maybe a good 75 degrees here u know wot the weather men are like lol .......either way gonna be warmer in my grow room tomoz........any ideas are wellcome? ......cheers ppl thanx for checkin in see yea in the mornin :) mister green
  13. hi ppl ok latest update .......checked temps and this morning it was 77 degrees and at the highest today 82.3 degrees so im assuming im ok althou did switch light off at 11am this mornin and its goin back on at 5 pm .....most of the heat of the day should of gone by then.....oh and left fans running..... no shoots threw yet but i didn t expect there to be either :)
  14. hi guys firstly ive realized im posting a lot so tomoz i will do just one update .......ok guys i have 4 babies reaching for the sky yipeeee and another 2 just starting to get threw the soil got a few pics for yea to see them ive taken the 4 out the propergator now and im sitting back feelin real proud of myself :D

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  15. haha ill be honest man i cant hardly understand your typing lingo but ill try my best

    MH lights burn hotter than HPS 80 degrees is hot, but many strains can handle 80 all day as long as there is moving air being circulated. 72-78 ideal

    as for nutrients you dont have anything to worry about right now, but for veg you can just get a box of MG ill post a pic of what i use later on.
  16. hi guys sorry ive been posting in the wrong place all this time so for all you people who could not find me here lol
  17. i highly suggest the use of fox farm ocean forest soil... you can find it cheapest at, extremely fast shipping and reliable. trust me its literally made for cannabis growers. organic, and has alot of very healthy organic suppluments for your plants :) its worth the 45$-60$ USD

    and best of luck to you, ill be watching and so far you have things going great! keep the temp below 84, after 85 your plant starts to have trouble breathing co2 in, although the plants will be JUST fine if temperatures reach above 90 as LONG as you have some co2 going through there, (DIY:Mix Sugar,Water,and Yiest.) and try to get those stems strong with a little fan giving the little ones a gentle breeze. also get the lights as close as possible without it burning the back of your hand, if it does than its too hot for the plant.
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    lol doindia im sorry for my lingo im uk liverpool to be exact so i will try to tone the lingo down thanks for the support thou weather sucks again so temps lookin really good avarage 78 degrees.....luck more than skill doindia lol...hi fubar 24-7 great your along for the ride too what a great d.i.y .trick ill be out tomorrow mornig trying it......ok back to buissness ill take a deep breath because WOW guys all 10 seeds are out ....first grow and i am speechless i don t have a problem to post what a lucky fucker i am.....i look forward to the veg supplements doindia mentioned earlier......ive lowered light to 20 inches from top of plants maybe i should of lowered more but i was a little scared that these are only babies..... im going to lower tomorrow to about 18 inches from top of plants but i would like to hear your opinions if up a chair and take a look at the babies and how well there looking.... speak soon guys and hey can not thank you guys enough its so reasuring that you guys are there for me cheers :D ...cannot upload photos i will try again in the morning it is 11.28pm here so i am off to bed my girlfriend is feeling horny lol ...not to often these days so ...good night :)

  19. ff ocean forest is generally the best but not needed, ESPECIALLY for 45-60!!! what size bag is that, i get the biggest bags they have and they are only 20 bucks. ive grown side by side in foxfarm and the other was a local nursery name brand, but there werent any differences big enough for me to switch to ff only.

    liverpool huh? you into mma at all, how far are you from the wolfslair?!

    as for the light, you dont wanna move a heavy duty mh or hps too close to a seeedling best thing to do is put your hand right above the plant if the light is hot shining on the back of your hand then chances are its gonna burn your plants the best distance is as close as possible without feeling any burn
  20. get that mh light about 5-10 inches away, like i said, as close as possible. get a fan blowing up and into the light. cant wait to see whatcha got :)

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