mistergreens 2nd grow white russian all organic soil grow

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  1. Hi all
    here we go again hehe but for all who don t know wot im working with here goes
    outdoor shed 1.8m * 2.0m * 1.8m high
    diamond mylar lined walls
    adf lined ceiling
    concrete matt white painted floor
    baton frame with blackout 2 feet from door to contain light/smell
    1 400watt mh light
    2 400 watt sodium lights
    6" clip on fan
    9" oscillating fan
    organic soil allmix from holland
    and im using bio bizz nutes as i used them last time round and maxed out without a problem
  2. ok next ill explain where im upto i have 5 main ladies about 15 inches tall and another 3 at around 8 inches tall.........all ladies are clones i took from my first grow some in flower and some not........hense the different heights ok please feel free to ask any questions here and as always lets hear your thoughts and opinions ok so not to bore any one heres some pics to get started hehe............be lucky mistergreen
    Copy of Copy of js1024_DSC04334.jpg

    Copy of Copy of js1024_DSC04333.jpg





  3. ok guys thats all for now im gonna open these plants up tomoz to let some light in and top wot ever i can as always lets hear your opinions good or bad...........be lucky mistergreen :D
  4. Lovely little bushes man! Did you top or LST them? They look so perfect! :) I want one lol. You are doing a wonderful job on those ladies. I am in one month of vegg on my second grow. And though never heard of this strain def could enjoy growing it from your pics. I am growing Crystal and Mazar Afganni. Update us on your stats man.
  5. Looks great mistergreen. Looks like a sweet setup with tons of light. I'll be watching this one
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    The girls are all looking healthy mistergreen. Here's to an even better yield this time around.

    good luck
  7. MG r them from revegged girls???? When u take cuttings off a flowering plant they love to grow into a hellofa bush....then u can take clones of them like crazy, & they don't even know it, or at least look like it.... Good Job.. I'm here for this 1 ...Seating is xcellent.....:smoke:
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    hi yes i did indeed top them and LST and no you aint gettin one hehe there all mine!!! thanks for your kind words .........be lucky mistergreen :D
  9. wellcome aboard Dark Matter nice of you to join...........be lucky mistergreen :D
  10. cheers mate thanks and rite back at yea for your 2nd round hehe.........be lucky mistergreen :D
  11. hi cutter yes i do have clones from my last flowering girls and your dead rite proper bushy and funny you shud mention clones ive just took 12 lol nice to have you here ...glad you like the seating.............be lucky mistergreen :D
  12. When you stay your taking clones in flowering, Does that mean they can already be a few weeks into flower with nice nugs the size of quarters? or do you mean when its the first couple weeks into flower ??? And after Full maturity of the buds at the end of the cycle, can you just cut off the buds and leave most the leafs on the plant and switch her back to MH and get her to reveg.??

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    hi yes mate i did take clone when i was in flowering i think 4 weeks and ive also heard people putting plants back into veg after flowering too i know it take quite some time thou and id have to agree my flowering clones are really slow to begin with........ oh and if your gonna give it a go i found 18/6 veg slowed the flowering down but when i tryed 24/0 the flowering was reduced by half again.........hope this helps feel free to ask if i aint covered it no probs..........be lucky mistergreen :D sorry just read your post again and basically yes you can take a clone any time but sucess rates fall the longer you leave it i found
  14. hi guys mini update ive repotted a few .......and tied a few down .....and opened a few more up and a a bit more topping ......these ladies sure are bushy except 1or 2 the seeds last time round grew tall spindley plants it must be the way clones grow i guess heres the pics
    this lady has grown like a five finger claw so ive opened her up so her side shoots can gain some height soon as she passed the main stems i will let her go again ie untie her and keep in veg but under the hps light to stretch her a little and keep her canopy even
  15. oh geez you didnt waste anytime did you? lmao. Grow, Trim, Repeat.

    Good luck - only white russians??
  16. here is a clone i took in flower she stands 5 inches tall she has 2 tops so she will be double topped in the next few days
  17. here is one of the ladies i have opened up she grew like a 5 fingered claw so im hoping the side shoots will reach for the light when they pass the main stems i will untie her and put her under my hps light to stretch her a little before flower
  18. heres a lady i toped earlier she is one of the spindly girls i will be supercropping her before flower im finding it a lot harder to top these ladies i think from wot ive read the age of the plant determines how even the nodes are ie how adjesent they are to each other anyways heres the pic
  19. another one i topped on the same plant
  20. here is the same lady i will be supercropping her 3 quarters ish down her stem so we will see how she goes later

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