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Discussion in 'General' started by GreenMachine420, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. alright after not seeing arguebly the best grower the city has ever seen, Mister Postman for a while i decided to find out whats been up with him. so i went to his profile to find out HE's BEEN BANNED!! this page is a tribute to Mister Postman and all his great grows that inspired me to grow.

    o and by the way any1 kno is postman is on any other websites (sorry mods if this is breaking the rules but i have to find what new beautiful grows hes been up to)
  2. he does his thing over at IC if i'm not mistaken..i loved his hashberry grows lol.
  3. this happened sooo long ago man.

  4. i know...i just always assumed that he got busted or just quit the hole online thing
  5. thanks
  6. post man is on ischwag now :(
  7. yeah man his pics were beautiful
  8. He and his beautiful buds with be missed...
  9. Yeah

    (pours out his forty ounce)
  10. This happened a long time ago. There are other threads on the topic. -Trikky
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