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  1. Hi i'm goign to start growing soon, and would Like to hear some of mistakes you guys made during your first couple grows, so I , and other can prevent ourselves from doing them.
    I will make a list on this post if there's many THX
  2. one newb mistake i made back in the day was moving my girls from cfl lighting to hps with the hood about a foot away. next day they lost all their chlorophyl and were completely yellow. although they survived, growth was stunted and yeild was severely down! 1 mistake i never made again! keep those lights several feet if transfering to hids!
  3. telling my friends
    over feeding
    light too close
    training too aggressivly
    didnt flush enough the first time
    had a light leak during flowering first time(lights from power strips 2 of them in small area)
    didnt cure long enough
  4. - Starting with a minimum setup and no real idea of what it meant in terms of space,
    - Choosing 2 very different strains (1 total indica and one 70% sativa, not the same flowering time)
    - HPS burn on first sprouts,
    - Too much heat,
    - Nutrient burn during flowering,
    - Bad cloning due to not following each steps of the guides,
    - No calendar to note down when this or that strain has been germinated, putted in veg, in flower...
    - Not using the best soil, nutes, pots,
    - Not being patient on first harvest,
    - Not curing long enough.

    To me there is no good 1st grow, unless you choose a strain before building your room, unless you tested your setup without any plant inside, and without an extreme caution with all the process from seed to harvest.

    All that backed up with as much information from many different sources.

  5. -Thinking a incadesent gro bulb would work. All I did was make it stretch.
    -Nute burn
    -Buying stupid Home Depot plants not realizing they were gnat infested and had a house of gnats for a while
  6. Im actually still on my first but Im pretty sure I waited too long to transplant my little ones from solo cups into bigger pots. They slowed down for several days and then took a few days more to build up that speed again after. Now theyre doing what I consider great!
  7. Buying too much shit

    Telling friends
  8. im on my first grow now and i made a load of electrical mistakes which costed me a bit.
    Make sure you know what your doing before lol :)
  9. Skimping. You buy what you think you minimally need for modest goals, only to realize later that you could do much better with an upgraded setup, so you end up buying everything again. In the long run it's cheaper to just do it up right the first time instead of buying things twice.
  10. growing 2 plants in one container

    not using a PH meter

    using soil that was TOO loose to where the water went straight through

    not using a heat pad for germinating

    waiting too long to transfer from seedling cup to 5 gallon bucket

    Overnuting them ( I was giving them nutes at every feeding and was doing it every 2 days )

    Thinking I can cram more plants in an area that should have no more than 4 plants ( using a 400 watt HPS/MH )

    Not controlling my humidity levels enough
  11. Not starting cultivation sooner!!
  12. You def. get what you pay for in this business. Don't skimp. I think that and telling friends was my biggest mistakes I made on my first grow. Your first grow you are just so proud it's hard not to showoff a little.

  13. Did they want some or something? lol
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    Told my best friend about my grow - Terrible Idea

    Left my prized buds on my dresser - Thats why he snagged them. Even worse idea.

    Over watering
    Under watering
    Over fertilizing

    Edit: Store bought manure. Not all manure is the same, know what to look for.

    Trying to start seeds in rockwool - Wasted some good seeds there

    Killed my first seeds on a cast iron heater - Bad idea they get up to 180 degrees

    Every day should have its lessons.
  15. Over-Feeding
    Vegging too long
    Reading too many threads and over thinking everything
  16. over-watered
    vegged for too long and ran out of height
    no scrubber to clean the air
    used some shitty bagseed (should have bought good seeds)
  17. ^^haha it's true. For me, it's all about being simple. My set up is easy, and gets great results. I just had my first harvest last month and got 12 ounces from my 16 lamp T5. Now I upgraded to another tent with a 1000w light, and am getting even better results, mostly likely going to hit 16-20 ounces.

    Mistakes I made:

    Not germinating correct.

    Not knowing how to water. It really just takes experience to know how much water to give a plant, to be able to read it. As the grow goes on it is easy, but when they are first starting out is when they are most sensitive.

    Not getting the right sized exhaust fan. I got a 4'' for my 6x6 tent w/ 1000w. Not enough, temps were staying from 80-85 with the light on. Switched to 8'' and no problem keeping temps at the ideal 73-75.

    Being lazy with ph'ing. The more correct you are with it, the better your plants will be. For me growing in coco, I always make sure it is 5.8 now.

    Using too many pots. Keep it simple. I used one of those germinating/seed trays better with the dome, fuckin waste of time and money. All I do now is start them in 1 quart pots, and then put them right into 5 gal pots right around 10 days.

    Spend your money wisely, always make sure your safe, safety first..shit isn't worth risking your freedom or security, gotta know that.
  18. I told my gf about it. We fought. She unplugged my lights and pumps. I didn't realize for two days. We were together for 5 years. Fuckin bitch. We broke up. Trust no bitch. Tell noone about ur crop. Noone. Period. Not even ur best friend.
  19. I told a lot of my friends so far but it's about harvest time and I'm not saying a word about my next grow.
  20. Not paying enough attention to heat

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