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Mistakes. Too much?

Discussion in 'Security' started by Zooph, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I've got a friend that has decided to grow. He bought the pots, hydrometer, digital ph meter, and thermometer from one store on his debit card, then bought the lights from another store on that same debit card. Had ordered a grow tent on that same card days prior to buying the other supplies, and bought four seeds from attitude with the same card. He says he's not going to get busted but hasn't he set off some red flags? Or is four plants too small scale to be worried about? If you need more details just ask. I've got him all paranoid now so we're hoping you're input can guide him the right direction.

    I think the things he's done might just come back to haunt him IF he raises local police's suspicions for whatever reason. Because upon investigating they will find his transactions. So assuming he takes all the right precautions from here in, he should be okay? Right?

  2. Bump. Was hoping to get an opinion or two before the night was over :O
  3. There us no law against buying lighting and gardening supplies. At least he is the grower and not you. Do you actually think cops go through your credit card purchases looking for people growing a few plants? You are too paranoid to be growing, leave your friend alone and stop creating unnecessary worry.

  4. Your buddy is straight! no worries. the cops aren't looking for people growing a plant or 2 in there closet. Just dont go tell the whole world about it b.
  5. What pointswest and Tobes1308 have said is all true. Besides, if the cops are to the point of going through your buddy's credit card transactions, which requires a pretty stiff warrant, then he's already on their list for something. Probably for something a lot worse than growing a couple of pot plants... you have nothing to worry about, dude.
  6. I agree whole heartedly, "your friend" is fine.
  7. Well your friend already has broken rules 1 and 2 of growing...
    1. Don't tell anyone about your grow.
    2. Don't tell anyone about your grow.
    If he can cut that out he should be fine. Someone with a small grow is far more likely to get popped for breaking either one of those rules than for leaving even the most conspicuous paper trail.
  8. He gets it ;)

    Yeah thanks guys.

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