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  1. Hello,
    I had a really bad first grow experience recently, i was given a cannabis plant when it first started sprouting. I wasnt given any info on what seed it was or the type of soil it was growing in. I didnt know what water to use so i decided to use Nestle Pure Life Water with minerals. Im not quite sure the ph of the water. I believe it is a 6.5 ? Anyways i watered my plant everyday (By the way my cannabis is in a container with no drainage holes.) Until the leaves started first appearing . At this point im only giving my plants water everytime the top soil is dry (keep in mind i have no drainage.) Eventually i started seeing mites and all that so i used Organic Fungicide 3. I sprayed that on my leaves ,my stem ,and my soil. After all that i noticed white spots from the fungicide on my leaves i mean it is organic so i thought it wouldnt affect it. New leafs are growing as im using the Fungicide product .
    After my 2nd set of leaves grew i felt i needed to transplant it because it has no drainage at all which is bad. Before i transplanted my bottom leafs were dying they had these dark spots of brown looked like they were burnt just a bit , my new set of leaves look affected just a bit and the new leaves developing look affected with colored tips.
    So I went to homedepot bought some Mircale Grow Organic Natures Care soil because i didnt know the soil the plant was already growing in. I bought some Miricale Grow Quick Start because it helps prevent transplant shock atleast thats what the bottle says. Anyways i transplanted into the MG soil and used the MG Quick Start. Now my pot has a drainage so extra water can come out. I watered it with 3 bottles of Nestle Pure Life . At this point i havent gave it any nutrients . Its been 3 to 4 days since i transplanted I started noticing the leaves on the sides were changing color like yellowish or maybe an orangish color. Im thinking they need nutrients. I stopped using my MG Quick Start to prevent transplant shock. I went to walmart and bought organic 4-4-4 fertlizer. I also bought some perlite just incase my plant needed drainage help. I came home put the stuff on its top soil gave it 3 bottles of Nestle Pure Life Water and made sure it drained extra water. ( I did this at night time by the way.) I thought it was going to get excited because it havent got any food. I checked the drainage water it said it was 5.4 Ph but i was using 6.5 ph water ? But I woke up the next day and my plant is comepletly dead all the leaves are down. The leaves that were barley growing from the top stopped growing, the bottom stem looks brown but the steam with all the leaves looks bright Green. Im growing outdoors and the temp stays around 80s and 60s at night. Humidity varies 20% to 10% i believe.
    Where did i go wrong?
    Is it my soil?
    Is it the supplies i was using?
    Was i over watering it?
    Was it my Ph level?
  2. Over watering
    Do not use anyone MG ... it's all garbage ... all of it.
    And way to many nutes.
  3. Ok and how many times do u suggest i should water from seddling to veg ? And what kind of nutes do u recommend ? 4-4-4 is no good which one do u suggest for seedlings veg and flowering?
  4. Ok and how many times do u suggest i should water from seddling to veg ? And what kind of nutes do u recommend ? 4-4-4 is no good which one do u suggest for seedlings veg and flowering?
  5. Don't fertilize seedlings. Please. They're begging you.

    All of the food they need is right there in those first leaves called cotyledons. When those die off is usually when I start fertilizing.

    Mist soil around babies with a spray bottle don't water them.. You don't want to jar the seedling. When the top soil is dry mist some more. When it's got a few sets of leaves start actually watering.

    The world is in your hands, mine are in the dirt.
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  6. Sounds like you were trying to bake a cake without a recipe. Get on the new grower threads here on the forum and READ about how to grow these plants. There is a proper process to do it and until you figure out the right way, none of your plants will live. TWW
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  7. What are you doing wrong? Answer: miracle grow. Gross

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  8. Everyone bashes MG but I used it on my first indoor and pulled 300 grams each dry I still have not hit that again since switching to "marijuana nutes" gonna grow a couple more with it to see I think people are just scared of it because they do not know how to use it hmm lol
  9. I avoid it more because it's backed by Monsanto and I prefer not to give my plants chemicals that are harmful when ingested.. Glyphosate and other lovely compounds and metals.

    No thanks.

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  10. Don't drink tap water it has all sorts of nasty shit don't eat anything pretty much unless it's organic.
  11. Thanks for the tip!

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  12. No worries most people don't realize they are drinking pharmaceuticals hexagon etc

    The states are the worst for Pharmaceuticals in the drinking water
  13. You forgot about uranium and fluoride.

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  14. I work in a water treatment plant fluoride is the least of your worries
  15. No laws exist to protect the public from pharmaceuticals

    Many chemicals are highly regulated because they are known to negatively affect human and environmental health. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is tasked with regulating exposure to these chemicals, but pharmaceuticals are not included in its regulatory scheme. Despite years of prodding by environmental scientists, the EPA has given very little attention to the dangers posed by widespread pharmaceutical contamination.

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