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  1. Three days ago i put 9 seeds in a plastic container to germanate here is what i done.

    wet tissue
    wet tissue
    wet tissue
    wet tissue
    wet tissue

    and sat the container on my computers hard drive so it would stay warm. Three days later nothing has happend? are they alright to go into the ground?

    Also NO it is not to late to start. Where im living it is about 5 days into spring
  2. Dont put anything on top of them.

    Germination usually takes place with three things:
    Moisture, Darkness, and Ventilation.

    just set them on top of like 4 or so and put them under your bed or something.
  3. should i take the lid of off the container?
  4. Definitely. I put them on top of a high cupboard where heat gathers.
  5. An option would be to take off the lid, or if you want to protect the seeds from outside invading anything you should just poke holes in it.
  6. should i have a layer of tissue on the seeds? oh by the way yesterday one of the seeds cracked open and i can see a little bit of white creeping through
  7. lets start this off by asking where do you live at?
  8. Its best to germinate in soil... The paper towel method makes it way to easy to damage the root tip... get sum dixie cups pot sum potting soil in them poke a small hole into the soil with a pencil eraser and place in the seed.

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